RMP: Flamengo and Palmeiras are on a step that has no one close – 01/04/2021

RMP: Flamengo and Palmeiras are on a step that has no one close – 01/04/2021
RMP: Flamengo and Palmeiras are on a step that has no one close – 01/04/2021
Flamengo and Palmeiras dominated the last season, with the red-black club winning their second consecutive Brazilian title, while alviverde raised the Libertadores and Copa do Brasil cups, but for 2021 clubs like Atlético-MG, Grêmio and São Paulo invested in the hiring of reinforcements seeking to take part in the dispute of Brazilian football and break the sequence of current champions.

At Fim de Papo, post-round live from Sports with the journalists Vinícius Mesquita, Alicia Klein, Renato Maurício Prado and José Trajano, the question arises as to which clubs can dispute the main titles of the season and whether the recent signings put teams like Atlético-MG and São Paulo on the same level as alviverdes and red-black.

For Renato, the teams led by Rogério Ceni and Abel Ferreira start the season at an advantage because they have not only good squads, but teams already formed and with a history of conquests in favor, while the others are still trying to fit the pieces with the new players. and hired technicians.

“I think Flamengo and Palmeiras are on a step that has no one close to them, because they have very strong squads and teams and they are ready teams, that is their big difference in relation to the others, they are ready teams. Atlético- MG seems to me that it can aspire to reach this step where Flamengo and Palmeiras are due to the volume of hires and the quality of some of these hires “, says Renato.

“Nacho Fernandez is an indisputable signing, the Hulk I still have doubts if he is really green or if he is now swimming pool blue, let’s see, let’s wait, a long time in China, already older and such, I want to see the But Atletico-MG has at least potentially the possibility of getting close to Palmeiras and Flamengo, not least because he is being directed by Cuca, who for me is one of the best Brazilian coaches, what he took from Santos last year for me was an exceptional thing “, he completes.

In relation to the others, the journalist has doubts, but puts São Paulo as the next team after Atlético-MG, but it will depend on the Argentine coach Hernán Crespo being able to adjust the team with the new hires, taking as a fact calling attention to the age of some reinforcements, such as defender Miranda and striker Éder.

“São Paulo, I see a little bit below Atlético-MG, but with possibilities, you have to see how the old people are going to play. How will Miranda play? Miranda was a monster, but Miranda has a lot age, Crespo looks like he’s going to make a three-man scheme with him as a libero, it may even be successful “, says Renato.

“This Éder, who came and already played for the Italian national team and everything, was playing in China together with Miranda for a long time, he did not score many goals in the last championship, he is also 34 years old if I am not mistaken. For me it is unknown, I don’t know what’s going to happen to him. But anyway, he’s there, São Paulo can also get close ”, he adds.

The clubs Grêmio and Internacional are the ones that appear as fifth and sixth candidates of Renato Maurício Prado, who points out the two clubs in condition due to the end of last season by the team of Renato Portaluppi, without the same performance as before, and the arrival Miguel Ángel Ramírez’s recent performance in the case of Inter, a coach who arms his team with very different characteristics compared to his predecessor Abel Braga, Brazilian vice-champion.

“Inter and Grêmio I see a step down. Grêmio won’t sign Borré, if Grêmio hired Borré, Grêmio’s attack would be a complicated thing, they won’t sign any more. Rafinha is great, but Rafinha is not it makes a difference in this Grêmio team, it will not be Rafinha who will raise the bar for this Grêmio team. He will be a great side, okay, but it will not be his arrival that will make Grêmio change the level. it ended badly last year, Renato Gaúcho’s team had a bad season, went to the final of the Copa do Brasil, but had a bad season, did not play well “, says the journalist.

“Inter, I think there will be a serious adaptation problem with Miguel Angel Ramirez, it’s a big change in philosophy, he’s leaving Abel, who was closing the house and looking for the counterattack to play in Angel’s position football. Ramirez “, concludes.

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