Boselli assesses that he made a mistake in choosing Corinthians and says: “You owe me a lot of money” | corinthians

The player said he had two proposals for Brazilian football, but did not reveal which was the other club.

– I focused a lot on what was Corinthians as an institution. Any Brazilian player who asks which team he wants to play on will answer Corinthians or Flamengo. I felt that when making the decision and maybe I was a little wrong. At that time, I didn’t look at what form the team played. Or what style best suited my football. I was wrong when choosing the club. If you ask me today, I would make the same decision, because Corinthians is magnificent. Not only in relation to the structure, which is spectacular, but also to the fans and everything that moves Corinthians. My mistake was in the choice. I didn’t fit the team’s style of play. This made things difficult for me – said the center forward to the portal 90 min.

According to the player, Corinthians owes him money.

– Corinthians still owes me a lot of money. We are looking at a way to be able to pay off this debt.

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Boselli’s annoyance is not limited to the playing field or finances. If he suffered with Carille and had a breather with the arrival of Tiago Nunes, but ended up being injured in the second half of last year, the Argentine also did not like his dismissal to have been made public in the documentary series “Total Access”.

– Obviously, I was not consulted. Nobody said to me, “Look, let’s show this episode of resignation.” I also didn’t expect them to show it. But it was a formality, more for the cameras than anything else. I already knew, two or three months before, that I would not continue with Corinthians, when I stopped being called up for the matches. It hurt me later. It makes me a little sad because of the way they exposed it on television. But it is part of what Corinthians is and what they need to sell outside the club. I really didn’t give a damn about it. He wished the meeting hadn’t been made public. There is no reason for these things to come out. But I give it the importance it deserves. The decision was made a long time ago – he added.

For Boselli, the best moment in the club was with the arrival of Tiago Nunes in the first half of 2020.

– In my second year at Corinthians, the coach changed. A coach arrived (Tiago Nunes) who helped me a lot more in what I could do as a football player, as a center forward. I started the year very well. Before the pandemic, we had played 11 games, I had scored six goals and given three assists. An incredible dash – he explained.

– I stayed almost two months because of a fractured face. It made me lose a lot of space. The team wavered at that point. When I come back and I’m fine to play again, I suffer an ankle injury, which leaves me another month and a half away. These two injuries prevented me from following the year as it started – it ended.

Now, he says he is happy on Cerro Porteño, in Paraguay:

– In the end, it was good for me (leaving Corinthians). Today, time proved me right. I’m on a team where I feel comfortable and enjoying football.

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