Cruzeiro faces Tombense in search of base team, goals and G4 of Mineiro

Cruzeiro faces Tombense in search of base team, goals and G4 of Mineiro
Cruzeiro faces Tombense in search of base team, goals and G4 of Mineiro

The coach Felipe Conceio established some goals for Cruzeiro in the duel against Tombense, this Thursday, at 16h, in Mineiro, for the sixth round of the Mineiro Championship. The main thing is to find a kind of “base team” that embraces good performance in the competition sequence and is prepared for the Brazilian B Series. The coach also expects the team to convert the chances created into goals, in addition to guaranteeing victory to join the G4.

In five games at State, Raposa drew with Uberlndia (1 to 1), lost to Caldense (1 to 0), won URT (2 to 0) and Athletic (1 to 0), and was defeated by Amrica (1 to 0). The results put the team in fifth place, with seven points. For the Copa do Brasil, the second stage classification was achieved in a painful way: 1 to 1 in front of So Raimundo, in the Canarinho stadium, in Boa Vista, capital of Roraima.

From the first to the sixth game of the season, Conceio used 21 players. In the attack, he ruled out Marcelo Moreno and Rafael Sobis together among the starters. On the other hand, he improvised left-back Alan Ruschel in midfield in the classic against America. He also observed Matheus Neris, Matheus Barbosa and Adriano, midfielders Marcinho and Claudinho, and strikers Airton, Bruno Jos, William Pottker and Felipe Augusto.

“A process that is not linear. It will fluctuate. Even though I had a week of training before the game against America, it was actually three or four days of hard training. Game over and over, you reduce it, thinking about the game. Assembles game strategy works. Until this cut by Amrica, we ran the team a lot. In the game against America, I changed again, because I believed it was time to do these experiments, to vary roles in those who have already played in other roles, as was the case with Ruschel inside. It was time to test the players, give everyone minutes ”, said the coach, in an interview with Supports.

According to Conceio, the time is now to define a base that can have a sequence and allow fans to memorize the lineup. “As long as there are no changes, there may be a suspension, better yield, but it will be less. You will be able to see and know more or less which Cruzeiro team will take the field from now on. the second part of the process, which gives greater growth to the collective. It gives greater consistency. this is what we are going to look for in the final two months of Mineiro to start the Brazilian well ”.
(Photo: Gustavo Aleixo / Cruzeiro)

One of the concerns of Cruzeirenses is the low number of goals at the beginning of the season. In six matches, the team scored five times – same index as the first games of 1922, 1924, 1949, 1982, 1985 and 1989, according to a survey by the website Esporte News Mundo. The statistics do not concern Felipe Conceio so much, that he highlighted the creativity shown mainly in the game against Uberlndia, in the Parque do Sabi stadium.

“This cold analysis if you take just the numbers of goals. We had 27 submissions in the first game. The tendency that, in the course of the game, these 27 submissions in a match, many of them within the area – except for mistakes, were 9 within the area -, become two or three goals for our team. Our average of 16, 17 submissions (per game) ”, analyzed the commander.

“The entry in the last third of Cruzeiro is the biggest in the Mineiro Championship compared to all the teams. They are numbers that demonstrate that we are on the right path. This lack of efficiency goes into the world within what I said. Increased speed, increased volume, getting athletes used to playing at this speed, this intensity and maintaining technical refinement. That is the adaptation. With time, automation of movements and adaptation of athletes, the efficiency will be greater. And we are going to turn this control into goals and victories ”, he added.

To face Tombense, Cruzeiro will not have left-back Matheus Pereira and defender Eduardo Brock, expelled in the match against Amrica, in Independência. On the other hand, defender Manoel, recovered from muscular wear and tear, is at his disposal again. Conceio is yet to promote the return of Matheus Barbosa, Marcinho and Rafael Sobis.



Phbio; Cceres, Ramon, Manoel and Alan Ruschel; Adriano, Matheus Barbosa and Marcinho; Airton, Felipe Augusto (William Pottker) and Rafael Sobis

Technician: Felipe Conceio


Felipe Garcia; David, Wesley, Matheus Lopes and Manoel; Rodrigo, Paulinho Dias and Jhemerson; Kek, Caque and Rubens

Technician: Bruno Pivetti

Reason: sixth round of the Mineiro Championship

Study: Miner

Data: Thursday, April 1, 2021

Horrio: 16h

referee: Felipe Fernandes de Lima

Assistants: Frederico Soares Vilarinho and Magno Arantes Lira

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