RMP: “I saw a Flamengo against Bangu very similar to Jesus’ team” – 04/01/2021

RMP: “I saw a Flamengo against Bangu very similar to Jesus’ team” – 04/01/2021
RMP: “I saw a Flamengo against Bangu very similar to Jesus’ team” – 04/01/2021
In a game that marked the debut of the main players and coach Rogério Ceni in the 2021 season, Flamengo defeated Bangu 3-0 by the Carioca Championship without difficulty, in a game held at the Raulino de Oliveira stadium, in Volta Redonda, due to restrictions in the Rio de Janeiro caused by the moment of the pandemic, which had a new record of deaths in 24 hours, with 3,950 in total.

No End of Chat, post-round live from Sports with the journalists Vinícius Mesquita, Alícia Klein, Renato Maurício Prado and José Trajano, Flamengo’s performance, Rogério Ceni’s moves in the team and the ease with a fragile Bangu are analyzed already projecting what is possible to expect from Rubro-negro after a pre-season and a work with the signature of the coach who was the Brazilian champion of 2020, but had arrived during the competition.

For Renato, Rogério Ceni’s Flamengo left a good impression on the game against Bangu and, regardless of the opponent’s fragility, the team showed aspects that the fan was used to in 2019, when the Portuguese coach Jorge Jesus gave mobility and aggressiveness to make a victorious season, with titles of Brasileirão and Libertadores.

“I liked it and I liked it a lot. I was afraid that Rogério would flirt with the positional game again, put Bruno Henrique stuck on the left, Everton Ribeiro stuck on the right and things he said in an interview until he likes it , but to my surprise and to my joy, today I saw Flamengo very similar to Jorge Jesus’ team, a team moving around all parts of the pitch, with high turnover “, says Renato.

“Now you saw Gerson on the left, now you saw Gerson on the right, Everton Ribeiro was also venturing on the left, Bruno Henrique fell on all sides of the field, very interesting pass exchanges, a rehearsed play, look, Rogério Ceni finally presents a play rehearsed in a free kick in which he does the survey on the area, yes, but not for those who are there in the cake, but for Filipe Luís, who enters alone on the left side, Filipe Luís misses a header and lost the goal, but it showed there that something is being rehearsed “, he completes.

Renato Maurício Prado highlights, in addition to the constant movement of the players on the offensive line, the way Rogério Ceni used the high line marking, with his entire team occupying the Bangu field and that, although the opponent was very fragile, demonstrates an idea of play the way that worked best with the squad that has Flamengo.

“I was sincerely impressed by Flamengo’s way of playing, now I’m going to call it, Flamengo by Rogério Ceni, because this is really the best way for Flamengo to play, this is how this team and these players yield more, with freedom to change positions, with triangulations in the middle, with good plays also at the ends, this is the team, this is the football of this Flamengo team, it doesn’t matter if Jesus, if it is Ceni, if it is whoever it is, this is the best way for this Flamengo team to play “, analyzes the journalist.

“He showed a really charming football, scoring up there. Flamengo’s defensive line today played at Bangu’s intermediate, with Jesus playing in the midfield, Rogério Ceni took a step forward, put it in the opponent’s intermediate. Of course , it was Bangu, it is different, but the spirit of the game, the way of playing, the freedom that these players need, Rogério Ceni gave today “, he concludes.

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