Cabral, Lo and Henrique in the Cruzeiro plans? Felipe Conceio replies

Cabral, Lo and Henrique in the Cruzeiro plans? Felipe Conceio replies
Cabral, Lo and Henrique in the Cruzeiro plans? Felipe Conceio replies

Although he re-introduced himself to the cruise this Wednesday, at Toca da Raposa II, after a period on loan to Gois, the Argentine midfielder Ariel Cabral, 33 years old, still does not know if to act with the celestial shirt in 2021. The technician Felipe Conceio clarified, in an interview with Supports, that his incorporation into the group in the disputes of the Campeonato Mineiro, Copa do Brasil and Srie B depends on the board.

“Ariel, first, needs to adjust his return with the board, I have no idea of ​​salary issues, of debt issues. I try not to know the past of these athletes who had and have a long contract with Cruzeiro ”, said Conceio about the contractual situation.

O Cabral’s link with Cruzeiro will run until December this year. Currently, Conceio has six midfielders available and in playing condition: Adriano, Jadson, Lucas Ventura, Matheus Barbosa, Matheus Neris and newly hired Rmulo.

Careful with the words, the Cruzeirense coach said that if the board gives the go-ahead to re-incorporate Cabral into the squad, so be it.

“What fits me like this: adjusted Ariel, I was told that Ariel is part of the Cruzeiro squad, but I will pay attention to Ariel as I have given to all athletes, because I know that the club’s heritage and us have to take care. This is what I have to do ”, he emphasized.
(Photo: Bruno Haddad / Cruzeiro)

Ariel Cabral the foreigner with the most matches for Raposa. Entering the second half of the 1-0 defeat by Cuiab, at Arena Pantanal, on October 3 last year, for the 13th round of Srie B, the Argentine reached 188 games and matched the Uruguayan Arrascaeta.

In the celestial club since August 2015, the midfielder scored four goals and won four titles: two Brazilian Cups, in 2017 and 2018, and two Mineiro Championships, in 2018 and 2019.

Linked to Cruzeiro until December, Ariel renegotiated wages in 2020 within the ceiling of R $ 150 thousand. There is an agreement for the difference to be paid later.

Henrique and Lo

While the decision on Cabral’s future is more urgent, in the medium term Cruzeiro will also have to decide whether midfielder Henrique and defender Lo will be taken advantage of.

Henrique, 35, is recovering at Toca da Raposa II from surgery to correct the damage to the cartilage in his right knee. The procedure was done on February 5 of this year. For now, there is no forecast of returning to activities with the ball.
(Photo: Bruno Haddad / Cruzeiro)

Linked to Cruzeiro until December 2021, shirt 8 entered the field for the last time on October 8, in the defeat to Sampaio Corra by 2 to 1, in Mineiro, for the 14th round of Srie B.

Two days later, he complained of pain and was released from the concentration in Atibaia, in the interior of So Paulo. The diagnosis of the injury came the following week. The player had already undergone an operation on October 17.

The defender, whose relationship with Cruzeiro will continue until December 2022, is in Chicago, in the United States, where he is rehabilitating a bone edema in his right knee. The costs of treatment outside Brazil are borne by the player. The heavenly medical department monitors his recovery through reports.

Lo played for the last time in the 3-1 defeat to CSA, on September 19, at Rei Pel stadium, in Macei, for the 10th round of Srie B. After that, he even stayed on the bench in the reunion with the Alagoas club, on December 15, at Independência, for the 19th round.

Felipe Conceio was also cautious about Henrique and Lo taking advantage of Cruzeiro during this season. According to him, everything must go through the evaluation of the board first.

“Henrique and Lo are handed over to the medical department, so I don’t have the issue of their return. There is still a contractual issue that the board will resolve. If everything is resolved and these two athletes are at my disposal, we will work for them help Cruzeiro. my role, which is my job, and we have to take the opportunity to help the club as much as possible, “he said in an interview with Supports.


Felipe Conceio only stressed that it is important for Cruzeiro to go through a process of reformulation thinking about the next seasons. The speed of this process obviously depends on agreements with athletes who have contracts in place.

“This process of Cruzeiro still, of having this reformulation, not overnight. The board is endeavoring to adjust the accounts, to adjust the cast, so that there is also a cast with such a high budget. So that the club can remedy the wages going forward and also the debts. It is a very heavy burden and I am not the one who will resolve these financial issues in terms of negotiation. It is up to the board. And we are there to help Cruzeiro as a whole, not just on the pitch, ”he concluded.

Historical numbers

Henrique has 524 matches for Cruzeiro and the eighth player who has played the most for the club. In addition, it has two Brazilian titles (2013 and 2014), two Brazilian Cups (2017 and 2018) and six mining championships (2008, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2018 and 2019).

At Cruzeiro for over ten years, Lo played 401 games and scored 22 goals. He was the third biggest defender-top scorer, under Cris (25 goals in 260 games) and Geraldo (30 goals in 170 games). The athlete won eight trophies at the Burrow: four from Mineiro (2011, 2014, 2018 and 2019), two from the Brazilian Cup (2017 and 2018) and two from the Brazilian (2013 and 2014).

Read, watch or listen this Thursday, at Superesportes, the complete interview with Felipe Conceio!

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