Felipe Conceio on reinforcements at Cruzeiro: ‘We have no margin for error’

Felipe Conceio on reinforcements at Cruzeiro: ‘We have no margin for error’
Felipe Conceio on reinforcements at Cruzeiro: ‘We have no margin for error’

With few cash resources, the cruise uses the Campeonato Mineiro to observe players and then decide which positions will still reinforce the squad for the dispute of Srie B, his absolute priority in 2021. In an interview with Supports, the technician Felipe Conceio he warned that the club needs to be very efficient in its choices so as not to inflate the group and avoid injury to the work.

“I cannot pass on to you the names that we are mapping, even because of the competition in the market, but we are doing, analyzing and, every week, reevaluating. That’s how it’s supposed to be, we don’t have much room for error this year”, Said the coach reporting.

Between February and March, the board announced eight hires: defender Eduardo Brock, left-back Alan Ruschel, midfielders Matheus Barbosa, Matheus Neris and Rmulo, midfielder Marcinho and strikers Bruno Jos and Felipe Augusto.

Last year, Cruzeiro did 23 hires and more than half of them were no longer part of the cast when Luiz Felipe Scolari took office in October. There was the case of ‘reinforcements’ that were not even registered in the CBF’s Daily Newsletter.

Cruzeiro cannot hire 20 players and send 15 others away, put another 15 to train part. This is bad, be it financially or in a group gesture. We have to have this consistent work, knowing that we are going to have this painful beginning, knowing that we need to grow in all aspects. But knowing also that these athletes from Mineiro are going to have an evolution, we have to follow this evolution, see how far they will be able to respond in order to, yes, go on time in the market and bring the pieces to make the team stronger in the Brazilian ”, he argued The Coach.

At the moment, the main focus of the board in the market is on the right side, with Ral Cceres as the absolute holder. Young people Ramon and Geovane, from the base, are being prepared to be options in the medium term.

Care for promising young people

According to Conceio, the risk of seeking players without criteria in the market is precisely to take the opportunity of promising youngsters coming from the base.

He cited the example of defender Weverton, 18, recently promoted to professional and who already has the potential to occupy a place among the regulars.

“I went to watch a training session for the U-20 team, I pulled it and today it is integrated with the professional and needs space (to play). So, are you going to bring a defender to take that second position or fight for title? Did you ask Weverton for third option? If you do that, you will hinder the process of a very promising young man within the club ”, emphasized the captain from Cruzeiro.

Dynamic process

Felipe Conceio explained that players today considered in transition from base to professional can reach maturity in the short term. the analysis would say of the training sessions that will tell you whether or not Cruzeiro should go to the market.

As an example, he cited the case of the right side. “I have only Cceres on the right side and I am working with Ramon, I worked with Geovane, both from the base. This is a position that, today, we can bring an athlete to fight for position with Cceres. Or, in a month, I can say that Ramon was (ready). It developed, had a huge evolution and I insured that right-back that we were mapping in the market. I am giving an example of how the process is dynamic. We have some positions in which we already look, map, know that it can continue to be a shortage in the cast, but this is dynamic and changes according to the process. In a month it may be resolved. There would be Cceres, who holds the position, and Ramon, 20, who for Serie B can do the job. In that case, the club no longer needs to spend money and go to the market, since I have an asset within the club. a dynamic process ”.

The coach thinks it is important for the fan to understand that the group gesture is not something simplistic: take one and put the other in place. “This analysis is more complex than simply saying that the coach wants a younger, more experienced player. A profile is not defined for this reason alone. The important thing is that Cruzeiro will win this year and get access. And, over time, this wheel will turn and maybe you will see a younger, more intense team, with a more medium and long-term profile. But the important thing this year is access. We have to study each case, understand each case. Whatever is best for the club, we will do ”, he concluded.

Read, watch or listen this Thursday at Supports, the complete interview with Felipe Conceio!

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