Aston Martin seeks explanations for yield drop in 2021

Aston Martin’s 2021 season did not start off the best, with only tenth place for Lance Stroll at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, faced several problems over the weekend and was not even able to score. The opening of the event showed a team far from the top positions, different from what was seen in 2020, when it had the name of Racing Point.

Small changes to the 2021 regulation, particularly on the floor, appear to have affected some teams more than others. Otmar Szafnauer, head of Aston Martin, believes that the team’s poor start is related to these modifications to the car, disadvantaged by using a low rake.

Rake is, in simple terms, the height difference between the front and rear of a Formula 1 car.

Lance Stroll escaped major embarrassment and secured a point at the Bahrain Grand Prix (Photo: Aston Martin)

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“I think we got lost with the regulation change, it seems that cars with low rake have lost a second per lap compared to cars with high rake. We realized in the classification, after analyzing the data and saw that the models with low rake were more difficult to modify the rules ”, said the leader to the F1i website.

“If we compare it with Mercedes, we are a tenth closer,” added Szafnauer.

Even with the loss of performance, and the introduction of a new regulation for next year – which can change the dynamics of the teams – Szafnauer continues to believe in the good performance of Aston Martin in the championship.

“We still haven’t considered the year as lost and we will have things in the wind tunnel that we will start taking to the circuits soon. It is a matter of time to recover from this deficiency imposed by the FIA ​​through a change in the rules based on security ”, he concluded.

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