Deliberative Council approves agreement with Feng for partner-supporter

The contract between São Paulo and Feng was approved by the Deliberative Council in a vote that started at 10 pm (Brasília time) yesterday (30) and ended at 5 pm today (31). The company will be responsible for making adjustments to the club’s partner-fan program, trying to increase the number of members.

There was a meeting of the counselors last night (30) in order to talk about the topic. The matter was treated confidentially and, therefore, there was no transmission of the virtual meeting to the public, as has been happening in the current administration. The approval had 152 votes in favor and 69 against, as determined by the Sports.

The Deliberative Council meeting, which took place last night and was conducted by the group’s president, Olten Ayres de Abreu Júnior, had a statement by the mandatory Julio Casares on the subject, reinforcing the importance of approving the agreement, and elucidating Morumbi’s financial issues.

The directors of Feng and the marketing director of São Paulo, Eduardo Toni, were also at the meeting in order to talk about the partnership. Tricolor paulista made the contract available for the analysis of all members of the Deliberative Council. The group evaluated the future commitment to vote on the approval of the agreement.


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