Decision not to talk about covid was made by BBB 21

In the text in which I commented on Sarah’s elimination speech and the participant’s conversation with presenter Tiago Leifert, I made a mistake.

I regretted that the repeated dismissive mentions she made during the coronavirus pandemic program were not mentioned as one of the causes of Sarah’s departure. And I ended the comment by saying, “In short, the audience deserved a better explanation of Sarah’s trajectory. Leifert was indebted.”

In reality, it was not the fault of the presenter. Who decided not to touch the subject at the time of the elimination was the “BBB 21” management. The program’s communications officer sent me the following message:

“The approach taken at the end of the program is defined by the direction of the reality. And, as mentioned in the article, on March 23, the program alerted participants and the public about the current moment of the pandemic, just as it did in the last edition” .

In other words, the “BBB” management considers that the night when the presenter addressed the participants and made an alert on the matter was sufficient, remembering that the pandemic was even stronger and more violent than when they joined the “BBB”. . That day, Leifert did not mention Sarah’s name, but it was a direct message to her.


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