Justice grants injunction requested by Figueirense and suspends charges to the club | Faraco

Justice grants injunction requested by Figueirense and suspends charges to the club | Faraco
Justice grants injunction requested by Figueirense and suspends charges to the club | Faraco

A minute before entering the field and scoring the first goal after 20 seconds of play against Hercílio Luz, Figueirense scored in court a victory he had been looking for since the beginning of the month.

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The preliminary injunction that suspends all executions and charges to the club and that gives the club the possibility to proceed with the judicial reorganization project is granted.

The decision is made by Judge Luiz Henrique Bonatelli, of the Court of Judicial Reorganizations, Bankruptcies and Concordatas of the District of Florianópolis.

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In short, the club’s debts are suspended. It was the first objective. Figueirense understands that this was essential for the club to be able to breathe and also for it to seek new investors in the market.

Figueirense now has 30 calendar days to rectify the initial request in the judicial reorganization process, and, if granted, another 60 days to present its effective recovery plan.

“Therefore, due to all of the above, I partially defend the injunction pledged to anticipate the effects of the stay period (art. 6 of Law 11.101 / 2005) to the applicants FIGUEIRENSE FUTEBOL CLUBE LTDA and FIGUEIRENSE FUTEBOL CLUBE, until the term expires, a situation that will affect on:

a) suspension of the executive enforceability of any and all labor and unsecured credits held against Figueirense Futebol Clube or against Figueirense Futebol Clube Ltda .; and

b) authorization for the overriding of expropriation acts of any and all assets that have been subject to blockages or foreclosures, as well as the data in guarantee or deposit, in the processes in which labor and unsecured credits are discussed, in the future submitted to the recovery process a be judged;

c) It will be up to the claimants to communicate this decision to the competent courts, and must arrange for the sending of letters to all the actions in which they appear as a party; d) As for the rectification of the value of the case, it is up to the petitioner to proceed with the payment of the corresponding supplementary costs, under penalty of cancellation of the dispute (Article 290 of the CPC); ”

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