Nelson Piquet says ‘son-in-law’ is better driver than Lewis Hamilton

Three-time Formula One World Champion in the 1980s, Nelson Piquet does not seem very impressed by the achievements achieved by Lewis Hamilton, who in recent years has pulverized almost all records in the premier motorsport category.

So much so that he considers that the seven-time world champion is not even the best driver on the grid. «It is very difficult to directly compare one driver with another if they do not have the same car. But if Max [Verstappen] was in Mercedes, I’m sure he would swallow Hamilton. He is more aggressive and may even make more mistakes because of that, but I think he is better than Hamilton ”, said the former driver in a statement to Motorsport.

Bold claims and without a statement of intent that was necessary: ​​is that Kelly Piquet, one of Nelson’s daughters, has been dating Max Verstappen since last year.

The former world champion considered that Lewis Hamilton’s dominance is only happening because, besides having the best car, he has not had teammates to match. «Mercedes has been much better than all the other teams for the past five years and it is very easy for Hamilton to win everything with Bottas as the second driver. It is not that he is not good, but he has a very inferior guy in the team. And the other [n.d.r.: Nico Rosberg, campeão mundial em 2016] it was even more inferior. He won, but it was in a year that Hamilton broke or crashed », he pointed out.


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