Lisca reveals backstage to take over Santos

Lisca reveals backstage to take over Santos
Lisca reveals backstage to take over Santos
Listed to take over Santos after coach Cuca left in February, Lisca revealed behind the scenes of the conversation with Peixe on the SuperEsportes website. The coach said that there was not an official proposal, but a financial offer and that the greatest interest came from leading players in the squad and not from the Santos board.

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“The manager, director and president didn’t call me. Actually, the Santos players called me. I want to thank them. There are six players who called me. I won’t say the names, but you must already imagine that Marinho and Felipe Jonathan was in the middle, because they were my players. But Santos’ players had that desire. The leaders ended up calling me. What happened was this. There was no reliable conversation about the project. From then on, she stopped. So, I don’t consider it an official proposal from Santos. But just being polled, being asked, I felt honored. As I said: everything has its moment, at the right time, and I’m very happy here in America. I don’t feel anguished at all for not having gone to another club. On the contrary, you should already know me a little, right? , from Alencar, Euler and was going to say: ‘Release me, because I don’t have a mind anymore “, revealed the coach.

Lisca also said that the negotiation did not flow and that the club did not even want to hear the coach’s ideas. He does not consider Santos’ official proposal for treatment, but he was honored by the survey and wanted to talk about the work in relation to Santos. The manager’s manager is the same as Marinho’s, shirt 11 from Peixe.

“There was a consultation with my manager, who is the same as Marinho. Obviously Santos is also working on the renovation of Marinho, and he took the opportunity to make me a financial proposal, which we considered unsatisfactory. But I did not talk to no one from Santos in relation to work, project, ‘how it would be’, how Santos saw my work, how I saw Santos’ work too. Santos did not listen to my ideas. all the clubs that I have already signed up with. Even here in America, I talked to Salum, I came here and talked to Paulo Bracks. They put me on the club and I also put on my job. the contract. It wasn’t what happened at Santos “, commented Lisca.

Santos signed with Ariel Holan until December 2023 and wants to give the Argentine time. In addition to Lisca, Tiago Nunes was another Brazilian coach to be probed and came closer to the club than the commander of América-MG, he also complained about the dealings with the board.

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