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Austria and Germany both unveiled a banner ahead of their qualifiers against Denmark and Northern Macedonia respectively on Wednesday night.

Denmark and Poland also marked the much-discussed championship in Qatar.

But England, the world’s most powerful football nation, gave up for the third game in a row.

– English football is so dependent on the money from Qatar and the other states in the Middle East already, that the fear and loyalty is so strong that it is very far to mark against Qatar, says NRK’s ​​sports commentator Jan Petter Saltvedt.

– Of course they have a greater responsibility

Before the match against Poland, Kate Allen, director of Amnesty International UK, called on the English players to stand out.

– The English player must of course be led by his own conscience, but if they follow the examples of the German, Dutch and Norwegian players, we will be extremely happy to see it, she says to the British news agency PA Media.

– Football likes to see itself as a force that contributes to a better world, and with the Qatar World Cup in 2022, there is a good chance to make a mark.

Saltvedt thinks it should have had more to say that Amnesty came on the field before the Poland match.

Jan Petter Saltvedt is not surprised by England’s lack of participation and says that the most important thing is to influence FIFA’s future allocation processes.

– Of course, England has a greater responsibility here. They are not only the homeland of football, they also have the most attractive and powerful league in the world. But it is infected with money from Qatar and other nations in the region, Saltvedt says.

– It is impossible to think that this does not affect the willingness to do such a simple thing as putting on T-shirts before a match, he adds.

He highlights England and Sweden as two nations he had hoped to give his support through a celebration.

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England lost the battle to host the World Cup in 2022 against Qatar, which did not go down well with everyone in the English Football Association.

– The British were the first to be critical. They tried for a long time to take over the World Cup in 2022, but I think they now have a hope of turning this around to support their desire for the 2030 World Cup.

The Real Madrid star has signed up

Germany was the first nation to follow Norway’s example.

Now one of their biggest stars, Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos, has stated his opinion in the German podcast Einfacht mal Luppen.

There he says that there are several reasons why it was wrong to award the World Cup to Qatar.

So far, Toni Kroos is the biggest profile in the football world who has spoken negatively about the Qatar World Cup. He is critical, but does not want to boycott.
Photo: Daniele Mascolo / Reuters

– The first reason is the working conditions, and then the fact that homosexuality is punishable. In addition, Qatar is not a football country, says the midfielder.

– It is exactly this movement we hoped would happen. Profiles like Kroos are now talking about this, and we must remember that this has been started by Norway, Saltvedt says.

– It is also extremely important that he highlights elements that have been less focused on, such as gay rights. It is still a criminal offense to be gay in Qatar last time I checked.

Stopper pair in focus

Harry Kane scored the first goal of the match before it was played 20 minutes. The England captain was cool from the penalty spot after Raheem Sterling was fouled.

Just before the hour was played, Poland and Jakub Moder were able to take advantage of a mistake by England midfielder John Stones and converted the gift package to score.

Stones’ stopper colleague, Harry Maguire, saved the central defense’s honor just over five minutes before the end.

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