– I’m way too expensive – VG

CHANGED GRAZING: At a price of 8.5, both the experts and the player himself believe that Pål André Helland can be a bargain on this year’s game. Photo: Emil Saglien Ruud, lsk.no

After weeks of waiting and postponements, the football season is fast approaching. Lillestrøm profile Pål André Helland does not recommend himself, despite a large price drop.

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– The price drop is completely deserved, I am still far too expensive. It hails with yellow cards, suspensions and injuries, says Pål André Helland, who has been priced at 8.5. It is considerably less than last year’s 11.0.

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Trønderen has had a good tradition of putting on the captain’s bandage. This year, the opponent and the gut feeling will play a bigger role.

– It all depends on the “feeling” and the fight, says the LSK profile.

– Are there any other players in Lillestrøm to watch out for?

– Our strikers, Thomas Lehne Olsen (8.5) and Kent Håvard Eriksen (6.0), can make it sharp this year, Helland believes.

The elite series seems to roll out in full force on 8 and 9 May, and next week it may also be relevant with training matches again.

– People seem more crazy after Fantasy than ever. I think the corona bubble has made people thirsty for something to do, says Eurosport presenter Eirik Fure.

It is only one month until the Elite Series kicks off again. The Elite Series Fantasy gives you the opportunity to challenge colleagues, friends and family about who is the best manager.

– It makes it extra fun to follow. There are also few things in the world that are more fun than crushing your friends in games, says Eurosport reporter Jonas Bergh-Johnsen.

– There are no insignificant matches in the Elite Series when you have your own players involved, says Fure.

Bergh-Johnsen and his colleague Eirik Fure are central in the development of the game. In addition to having a podcast that gives you deep insight into which players to choose, they have been involved in deciding what the players should cost.

– Many people think we set the prices too high, but then I always count with: Look at Håkon Evjen. The player of the year in the Elite Series 2019 was also the cheapest in the entire game. This is what we try to avoid at all costs. You have to make some of the feedback, at the same time we love the commitment, says Bergh-Johnsen.

Whether it is just a game for the gallery or not is not known. Jonas Bergh-Johnsen at least has faith in both Pål André Helland and teammate Gjermund Åsen.

– How fun would it not have been if Gjermund Åsen (price 8.0 million) and / or Pål André Helland (8.5) make a success for Lillestrøm himself? At least both are on the block for my team.

– The hill should be on the team. He’s a man to be trusted, unlike me. It’s just to steer clear of me, it does not work, says Pål André Helland.

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