The estate chairman of the board after the crisis meeting: – There is a lot to tackle

There has been hectic meeting activity at Marienlyst on Wednesday. Earlier Wednesday, the Strømsgodset players met board chairman Ivar Strømsjordet and the club’s general manager Dag Lindseth Andersen, before an extraordinary board meeting was held in the evening.

According to TV 2’s experience, the player group demands that Godset coach Henrik Pedersen must resign. They also demand the resignation of Strømsjordet’s chairman of the board.

Strømsgodset players’ requirements: The coach and board chairman must leave

– We have ended the meeting for the evening, but we have not made any decision today. We have had a meeting with the coaching staff, the players and a summary meeting with the board. We have not made a decision in the board today, we are working on the case, says chairman of the board Ivar Strømsjordet to TV 2.

He says they will pick up the thread tomorrow.

– Then we will probably get more information. We follow up on the information we have received today and process it a bit. Then we will work together and talk together, there is nothing concrete to come. There is a lot to tackle and we are continuing the process, he says.

Strømsjordet will not come with any time aspect.

– Now we are concerned that we will do a proper job and be thorough in the process. We do not allow ourselves to be stressed on time, he says.

TV 2’s football expert Jesper Mathisen is very critical of how Godset has handled the racism warning against the coach.

– If he has done it, he gets what he deserves

– It is absolutely incredible how Strømsgodset has handled this. It’s amateurish and embarrassing. I think everyone who loves Godset has walked around with an embarrassed taste in their mouth after this case became known. Once they have stepped on the salad, it seems that they just continue to step on it, says TV 2’s football expert Jesper Mathisen.

He thinks the coach’s time in the club is over.

– I can not in my wildest imagination imagine how Henrik Pedersen can lead Strømsgodset further when such large parts of the player group have been so clear. Then there is only one thing to do – to remove the coach, says Mathisen.

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