Tiger Woods drove over the speed limit before an accident in the US, investigation points out | World

A police spokesman said at a news conference that the 45-year-old was driving the vehicle to a speed above 140km / h on a winding road near Rancho Palos Verdes County, in southern Los Angeles.

The maximum speed allowed on the accident stretch was 70km / h. Woods was the only occupant of the car when he crashed into a tree after leaving the track at a speed of 120km / h.

James Powers, the Sheriff’s spokesman, explained that they were able to find out the speed of the car during the accident because they were recorded in a kind of “black box” on the car.

According to the equipment, Woods did not even hit the brake, and apparently accelerated even more, which suggests that he confused the two pedals.

“Usually, when someone panics or has some kind of sudden interruption while driving, the initial thought is to hit the brakes,” said Powers. “We believe he could have done this, but he ended up stepping on the gas.”

Woods had to be removed from the hardware by rescuers and suffered fractures in his legs and ankle. Without risking his life, the athlete was taken to a hospital where he underwent surgery.

The vehicle, a Genesis SUV, model 2021, was badly damaged.

According to the police officer, Woods will not be judged for speeding and will receive only a punishment equivalent to a traffic violation because there are no more victims or witnesses.

The athlete commented on a social network that plans to focus on his recovery and family after the investigation of the accident ended.

“I will continue to focus on my recovery and my family, and I thank you all for the support and great encouragement I received throughout this very difficult period,” wrote Tiger.

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