Cuca cites European classic and seeks way to loot Atlantic against Cruzeiro

Cuca cites European classic and seeks way to loot Atlantic against Cruzeiro
Cuca cites European classic and seeks way to loot Atlantic against Cruzeiro

More than a year later, Atlantic e cruise I will face again. And this Sunday’s classic, at 4 pm, puts rivals face to face in very different situations. On the black side, high investment has a clear objective: to win titles. From the sky, the political and economic crisis creates doubts about the performance in Series B. Although theoretically the favoritism is atletico, the technician Cuca preaches respect to the adversary. To demonstrate this, he cited a European duel.

“Last Saturday, we saw the Juventus from Turin playing with the Torino. Juventus drew at the last minute, 2 to 2, and Torino being a team with less quality, less investment than Juventus. Just classic, man, ”said coach alvinegro, right after this Wednesday’s 1-0 win over Pouso Alegre, in Mineiro, for the eighth round of the Mineiro Championship. Cuca tried to lower expectations for a rout. The coach looks for ways to “loot” players from the Atlantic to the classic. “Everyone leaves their soul on the pitch, and sometimes this is as important or more important than the technical side. Sometimes, the technical side won’t make that much of a difference in a classic. We will prepare in any way, in the best possible way. But we think about making a good game. Make a good game, leave everything we can on the field. And the result is based on what you produce, ”he continued.

“I understand and respect (the expectation of the fans of Atltico for the classic). No one, I think, respects the fans of the Atlantic more than I do, because I understand that for you to play in the Atlantic, you have to be bloody. No use, man. You may be an ace, but if you don’t have blood and don’t throw it all out … Ronaldinho would. What do we want from the player? And we will find that. They have it and are giving it. It is logical that each one within its quantity ”, said the coach.

“Better set”

During the interview, Cuca admitted that you have an Atlantic with a “better set”, but reinforced the need to respect your rival. “Classic … Gre-Nal, Fla-Flu, Palmeiras x Corinthians… I already played all of them. It’s not different here. When you are involved in a big city and so important on the national scene and you have a classic, it doesn’t matter if the opponent lives a worse time, if the opponent lives a better time… ”, he said.

“The guys will leave everything on the pitch. And you do not expect different, that Cruzeiro will not leave everything and that the Atlantic will not leave everything on the field. It is logical that we have a team that has a better set, but it has to prevail in the game, there within the game. There is no point in coming here to say ‘oh, you have an obligation and you will win’. Game played. Let’s go to the 95 minutes to dispute, with the greatest respect that we have for Amrica, as we had Sunday, as we have with Cruzeiro. We will do our best on Sunday too, ”he finished off.

Atltico trains Thursday, Friday and Saturday before the match with Cruzeiro. The last time the teams faced each other was on March 7, 2020, when the Rooster won by 2 to 1, in a game valid for the Mineiro Championship.

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