Inter: Saravia nears end of recovery: “The hardest is over”

Inter: Saravia nears end of recovery: “The hardest is over”
Inter: Saravia nears end of recovery: “The hardest is over”
Renzo Saravia entered the final phase of recovery from the injury he suffered in 2020. After surgery and a long treatment on his right knee, the Argentine side celebrates his internship at Inter.

“I am very happy, in the final phase of recovery. I am working very hard to be well and return to training with the team. It was a very difficult process. From one day to the next I had to stay at home on crutches, I was playing and I feeling good with the team. Then, I had to stay at home doing nothing, with my leg still. But I came back, I did physiotherapy, rehabilitation work, now I’m entering the final part “, he told Inter’s media.

Colorado released a video in which Saravia conducts training on the field and already touches the ball. Still without participation in the group or with contacts between companions. According to official information, he is in the process called ‘retraining’, in the transition from the physical part to start training with the ball.

“The hardest part has passed. It was a serious injury, I found it hard to believe at first, but then I worked with everyone who had the misfortune to suffer this injury (Guerrero, Boschilia and Moledo). We gave each other support and strength. Luckily we are already in the final part and with a lot of expectation to come back “, he added.

Of all those who had the problem of rupture of the cruciate ligament of the knee last year, Guerrero has returned to play, Saravia is in the final stages, Boschilia still performs physical therapy and physical work in the gym, and Moledo only physiotherapy.

“Guerrero is a motivation for us. We know everything he worked for to be on the field. We are going the same way, doing what he did to have the expectation of returning as he did, without feeling pain and with a lot of strength,” he concluded.


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