Jarstein’s close supporter was fired after gay statements

Jarstein’s close supporter was fired after gay statements
Jarstein’s close supporter was fired after gay statements

This is confirmed by Hertha Berlin on its website on Tuesday.

Hungarian Petry, who has been Hertha Berlin’s goalkeeping coach for several periods, has finished in the capital club as a result of statements he is said to have made to the newspaper Magyar Nemzet in his home country.

Hertha Berlin writes that the statements are not compatible with diversity and tolerance, values ​​the club is very keen to promote.

– Zsolt Petry’s work has always been greatly appreciated during the years in Hertha BSC. He has also always been perceived as open, tolerant and helpful. He has never behaved homophobically or xenophobically, says Hertha boss Carsten Schmidt in a statement.

He further states that even after considering the details of the translation of the interview in question, as well as the recognition that some of Petry’s statements have been removed before publication, it was concluded that the Hungarian can not continue in the club.


The goalkeeping coach also comments on the Hertha exit in a statement.

– I want to emphasize that I am neither homophobic nor xenophobic. I very much regret my statement on immigration policy and would like to apologize to all the people who seek refuge with us and who I have offended, he says.

– I have been very happy to work for Hertha, and I respect this decision. I wish everyone in Hertha good luck in the future, he adds.

The newspaper interview in question was published on Monday. Among other things, Petry is said to have criticized the Hungarian Leipzig goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi for playing for a club that, among other things, supports gay marriage, reports the news agency DPA.

Furthermore, the Hertha coach is said to have said that he does not understand that compatriot Gulacsi “stands up for gays, transvestites and people with other gender identities”.

With regard to the issue of immigration, he is said to have stated, among other things, that Europe is a Christian continent, and that he does not like the “moral decay” that has prevailed.

Missed Petry

Petry has been one of Rune Almenning Jarstein’s closest supporters in the German club. The Norwegian national team goalkeeper has repeatedly praised the Hungarian.

– I have a lot to thank Zsolt for. I would not have been in Berlin without him. I would not be the goalkeeper I am without him, Jarstein said in an interview with Kicker last year.

Petry was hired by Hertha Berlin in 2015, but was replaced when Jürgen Klinsmann was hired as head coach before Christmas in 2019. More prominent Andreas Köpke came in.

Afterwards, Jarstein was open about missing his long-standing partner.

– That was hard. I miss Zsolt, but it has nothing to do with the other goalkeeping coaches. Zsolt was special to me, he helped me a lot, on and off the field, he said in an interview with Berliner Morgenpost.

In February last year, Klinsmann abruptly resigned as coach, and then Jarstein supporter Petry was brought back.

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