Fortaleza x Ypiranga / RS: see what’s at stake and likely lineup – Play

Fortaleza x Ypiranga / RS: see what’s at stake and likely lineup – Play
Fortaleza x Ypiranga / RS: see what’s at stake and likely lineup – Play
O strength live your best time in season 2021, beating fort Bahia at Castelão last Saturday and guaranteeing itself in the 2nd Stage of the Copa do Nordeste in advance. And with confidence on the rise, the Steel Tricolor has yet another important challenge, now for Brazil’s Cup: the Lion faces the Ypiranga / RS in a single game in Castellan at 9:30 pm for a spot in the 3rd Phase.

Unlike the 1st Phase, when he played for a draw against Caxias away from home (and won) for being better ranked, now only the victory matters. This is because in the 2nd Phase, there is no advantage of the tie for anyone, with the spot being decided on penalties in case of equality in the 90 minutes. The single match will be at Castelão by lot even before the competition starts. Ypiranga, who eliminated Penarol / AM, occupies the third place in the Gaucho Championship 2021, behind only the duo Gre-Nal.

If the Lion advance for the 3rd Phase, gain quota R $ 1.7 million and you will find the 8 clubs that are in the Libertadores (Palmeiras, Flamengo, Internacional, Atlético / MG, São Paulo, Santos, Grêmio and Fluminense), the 9th place in Serie A (Athletico / PR) and champions in the Northeast (rival Ceará) , Copa Verde (Brasiliense) and Serie B (Chapecoense).

The meeting of forces took place earlier this year due to a change in regulation, anticipating two phases, as the 12 clubs entering the Eighth Finals.

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Coach Enderson Moreira highlighted the importance of the match for the Steel Tricolor.

“We have an extremely decisive game. A decision. First, I would like to congratulate you for the classification (anticipated from the Northeast Cup). First objective has been achieved. And now we need to change the chip, because we have a decision and we don’t can tie the game. Very difficult game “, said the coach.


Regarding the wear and tear, since Tricolor entered the field on Saturday to face and beat Bahia 2-1 and play today, Enderson said that there is a plan.

“We need to be well rested, recovered. That we can be very conscious. If someone has any problems, start treatment and recover. Do what you have to do. Invest your time in post-game food, hydration, bathtubs. , whatever is possible we will do “.

If the wear and tear does not result in one or more embezzlement, Fortaleza should play with a formation close to the one that beat Bahia on Saturday. The only change should be defender Wanderson in place of João Paulo.

Defensive midfielder Pablo, who was sent off against Caxias in the 1st round, is out of suspension.


Copa do Brasil – 2nd Phase
Location: Castelão – Fortaleza, CE
Referee: Marcelo de Lima Henrique – RJ (CBF)
Assistants: Eduardo Gonçalves da Crus – MS (CBF) and Leandro dos Santos Ruberdo – MS (CBF)
Broadcast: Verdinha 810, Real Time of Diário do Nordeste, SporTV and Premiere

Felipe Alves; Daniel Guedes, Quintero, Wanderson and Carlinhos; Ederson, Jussa and Matheus Vargas; David, Robson and Wellington Paulista. Coach: Enderson Moreira.

Deivity; Zé Mario, Reginaldo Dutra, Léo Kanu, Muriel; Mikael, Clayton and Mossoró; Caprini, Jean Silva and Diego Quirino. Coach: Júnior Rocha.

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