Director explains plan to pay off debt with Daniel Alves

It is no secret that São Paulo owes values ​​to the captain and shirt number 10 of the team, Daniel Alves. According to the president of Tricolor, Julio Casares, the debt is around R $ 12 million.

Daniel Alves has receivables from São Paulo (Photo: Disclosure / São Paulo)

Photo: Lance!

Participating during the ‘Round Table’ program, of the TV Gazeta, São Paulo’s football director, Carlos Belmonte, spoke about how he intends to remedy the amounts owed to the player.

“One of the ways is to pay the whole year on time. That is, to pay 2021 in full on the day up to December. According to our finance department, this we are able to do. And, then, negotiate this liability that already comes from the year. past, in installments starting next year, or based on the results we obtain “, said Belmonte.

In addition to the issue with Dani Alves, São Paulo, according to the director, owes image rights to some athletes in the squad. Belmonte talked about how to pay these amounts.

“Not only the question of Daniel, but we also have to adjust the image rights of other players. Because, during the pandemic, the past management agreed with the players that it would pay the image rights and 25% of the CLT this season, starting March. So, we paid the CLT “, concluded the executive.

With the championships paralyzed due to the covid-19 pandemic, São Paulo continues to train for the return of matches. The team trains all week at CT da Barra Funda.

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