Sheik and Cicinho criticize ‘kitty’ at Corinthians: ‘Shot in the foot’

Commentators Emerson Sheik and Cicinho criticized the possible realization of a “little cow” to remedy the debts contracted by Corinthians for the construction of the Neo Química Arena.

In today’s “SBT Arena”, the pair criticized the initiative of Gaviões da Fiel, the main organized crowd of the club. Cicinho was also concerned with the increase in the charge if the fans “invest” in Alvinegro.

“What we see are desperate directors trying to stir the emotions of the fans, who are extremely passionate. (…) We saw stories of Corinthians fans selling motorcycles to be able to watch the World Cup there in Japan. Use this sentimentality to try convince the fan. Now, what scares me is: What if it does happen? The fan has already charged the teams in an excessive way, imagine the fan investing … “, said Cicinho.

Sheik sees the initiative as a “shot in the foot”. The former player, however, stated that he “does not have a kitty” at Corinthians.

“There is no kitty at Corinthians. No, you have to look for that information there. The sources do not fail. There is no kitty, no. Professional football has not confirmed this. ‘Professional football is one thing, Parque São Jorge is another’ , I heard that, “said Sheik.

“If the intention there was good, they made a lot of mistakes. And, for the fans, this is horrible, it gives reasons for the rival to make fun of. Everything the fan doesn’t want. (…) It was really a shot in the foot who had this bad idea “, completed.


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