Atlantic: search for Tch Tch symbolizes change of route in Cuca’s career

Atlantic: search for Tch Tch symbolizes change of route in Cuca’s career
Atlantic: search for Tch Tch symbolizes change of route in Cuca’s career

The last three great jobs of the technician Cuca in Brazilian football they were on teams with different squad profiles and playing styles. However, there is at least one point in common between the Atlantic of 2013, o Palm Trees of 2016 eo Santos of the 2020 season: the presence of a steering wheel characterized by a strong marking. In 2021, the coach demonstrates a change of route in his career, symbolized by the hiring of the midfielder Tch Tch.The group of players from Atltico does not have a “guard dog” steering wheel. In the current squad, two athletes are more familiar with the position of first man in the midfield: Allan and Jair. Matas Zaracho and Dylan Borrero also performed the function, but less frequently. None of them has as main characteristics the strong marking and the protection of the defense.

Cuca’s trusted name, Tch Tch is also not that player. The 28-year-old athlete gained prominence in the national scene due to his good pass, the ease to occupy several sectors of the field and his versatility. He can act as a right-back and in all sectors of the midfield. Under the command of coach alvinegro, he played as first and second midfielder.

“You don’t have to be a great scorer to be the first midfielder. There is no longer that first steering wheel that just marks. He has to start every move. O Allan does this, the Zaracho do that, Tch Tch does that. And quality for the game. Those who score the least are the opposing socks. If you have a steering wheel that plays, suddenly, where you can have the advantage in the game ”, analyzed Cuca.


In the 2013 Copa Libertadores champion, Cuca was betting on two strong scorers in the midfield: Pierre e Leandro Donizete. With them, the offensive quartet – formed by Ronaldinho Gacho, Bernard, Diego Tardelli and J – felt more free to attack.

In 2016, Palmeiras won praise for the good performance of the versatile Tch Tch and Moiss. In home games, Cuca climbed the creative Cleiton Xavier alongside the two, to have greater offensive capacity. Outside of Allianz Parque, I bet on the “guard guard” Thiago Santos to strengthen the mark. In this way, he put an end to the 22-year fast without Brazilian titles.

Last season, the surprising Santos reached the Libertadores final with great offensive power, especially due to strikers Marinho and Soteldo. The marking steering wheel was Alison, present in all the team’s games in the competition’s knockout phase.

Back in the Atlantic, Cuca should have no other reinforcements for the midfield at the beginning of the season. Tch Tch comes on loan until December. the coach’s bet on a different model and a change of route in his career to, who knows, win titles again.

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