Seven Godset players have warned NISO about racism

Seven Godset players have warned NISO about racism
Seven Godset players have warned NISO about racism
Late Monday night, Strømsgodset sent out a press release announcing that head coach Henrik Pedersen will continue in the job, despite the fact that “unfortunate episodes” have been revealed in connection with an internal racism warning against the coach.

But the last word is by no means said in the case: TV 2 is informed that as many as seven players have so far submitted a racism warning on Pedersen to the Norwegian Athletes’ Central Organization (NISO).

Strømsgodset’s chairman of the board Ivar Strømsjordet confirms that they were aware of this before they sent out the press release last night.

– We are aware that anonymous messages have been received by NISO, but there has not been such specific content in those messages. The message from NISO is that they have received messages from players anonymously, without anything being specified, says Strømsjordet.

– What do you think about the fact that seven players have nevertheless reported racism?

– We register it. It is difficult to relate to when there are anonymous messages without concrete content.

– How will you follow up on this further?

– Almost those who report to NISO must decide whether they want to come forward with this, concretize and provide information. It’s with the players and NISO, it’s not something we can dig into.

– But when it comes to seven players, you have to take it seriously, right?

– It was insofar as we suggested that an open channel could be created for NISO, and that players who wanted to go that route could do so. I think it’s neat to go that way if they do not want to go directly to us.

– Could the press release you sent out yesterday have been premature?

– No, we believe that we have had such a thorough investigation, and talked to so many, that we believe there was a basis for concluding yesterday, says Strømsjordet.

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