– What is clear is that Dortmund has no plans to sell Haaland

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After four goalless games in a row, Erling Braut Haaland takes the favorite stage on Tuesday. The Champions League.

The 20-year-old has already managed to become Norway’s top scorer in the tournament with his 20 goals.

The noise around the Dortmund crossings: Called Haaland’s boss a clown

He has already passed players like Sadio Mané, Ronaldinho and Francesco Totti.

There are only ten goals up to Wayne Rooney, Kaká and Samuel Eto´o. On that trip, he will also pass Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Robin van Persie and Ryan Giggs.

The climb on the list can still take a little longer than planned for Jærbuen.

At the moment, it looks tough considering the Champions League game next season for Borussia Dortmund. Should they not be able to qualify, the question is whether Haaland must take a sabbatical from the tournament, or whether he chooses to move on to a bigger club.

– It may happen that both Haaland and Sancho are sold

Borussia Dortmund could end up in a real squeeze if they fail to qualify for the Champions League.

Haaland has suitors from the biggest clubs in Europe and without Champions League games it will probably be difficult for the yellow jerseys to keep the star striker.

– It can present problems, but Dortmund is planning the future with Haaland on the team. Regardless of whether they have to play in the Europa League. They have nevertheless decided to sell him if a club places a bid of around NOK 1.5 billion. They have told agent Mino Raiola and his father Alfie.

Haaland’s agent strikes back at the rumors

Sebastian Kolsberger tells TV 2. He works closely with Dortmund as a journalist for the German major newspaper Bild.

He believes that Dortmund can quickly end up in the tricky situation where they have to sell both Erling Braut Haaland and Jadon Sancho this summer.

The latter was strongly rumored to Manchester United last summer, but the yellow jerseys managed to keep him in Germany. Thus, it was expected that Sancho would be sold this summer, while Haaland would take one more season at Dortmund.

– Sancho they demand around 1 billion for, while they want around 1.5 billion for Haaland. It can happen that both are sold, says Kolsberger.

Jan Åge Fjørtoft, a reporter and football expert in VSport, does not think that both Haaland and Sancho will leave the club this summer.

– No, I do not think so. This summer’s transition window will have its own rules. It is completely impossible that such large sums as have been in the past will happen now. It seems that Dortmund is not able to get to the Champions League, so it is clear that it can affect it. I do not imagine that they sell both, says the former Bundesliga professional.

DESTROYED: Erling Braut Haaland has taken the world by storm after leaving Molde.

DESTROYED: Erling Braut Haaland has taken the world by storm after leaving Molde. Photo: Ina Fassbender

No plans to sell Haaland

Dortmund’s CEO, Hans-Joachim Watzke, told the sports streaming service DAZN on Monday that they have Haaland involved in next season’s planning.

– We’ll talk to Erling, his father and his agent. After all, we want him to thrive here and score goals for Dortmund next season as well. We have no alternative plan, Watzke said.

At the same time, the Dortmund boss was a bit more vague when he was asked the same question about Jadon Sancho. Then Watzke replied that they would be willing to listen to bids that were exceptionally good, and record them with the player and agent.

– What is a bit interesting is that both buying and selling clubs have financial problems. It is also worth noting the difference in what Watzke answers about Haaland and Sancho, says Jan Åge Fjørtoft to TV 2.

Fjørtoft believes that Dortmund made an agreement with Jadon Sancho last summer that they would see what happened this summer.

– What is quite clear is that there are no plans to sell Erling from Dortmund’s side.

Fjørtoft still believes that if a club throws 1.5 billion kroner on the table as the market is now, it will be difficult for the yellow and blacks to say no.

Think the clause is higher than what is written in the media

Last week, it completely caught fire when Alfie Haaland and super agent Mino Raiola were filmed at an airport in Barcelona.

In the Spanish city, the duo are said to have been in meetings with Barcelona’s club management, before moving on to the capital and meeting Real Madrid’s management.

The recognized

, who should be interested in Norway’s pointed jewel.

Several media have written that Haaland has a clause in the contract that allows him to leave the club for 750 million kroner in 2022. The clause has never been confirmed by Dortmund’s management.

Jan Åge Fjørtoft also believes that the clause is higher than what has been written.

– Clauses are very common in Germany, something we last saw when Marco Rose chose to leave Mönchengladbach. What is interesting is that it is not public what Haaland’s clause is. Many have said that it is 75 million Euros, but as I understand it, it is higher, says the VSport reporter.

– It would really be a nightmare for Dortmund

Erling Braut Haaland had to settle for zero goals during Ståle Solbakken’s first three international matches. This weekend he continued the goal drought when Dortmund lost the fateful match against Eintracht Frankfurt.

The loss ensures that there are now seven points up to Eintracht. A lead that may prove difficult to catch up with.

Dortmund has two opportunities to qualify for the Champions League next season. They must either climb to the top four in the Bundesliga, or they must win the Champions League.

According to Bild journalist Sebastian Kolsberger, it will be a crisis for Dortmund not to be allowed to participate in the Champions League next season.

– They will lose hundreds of millions of kroner if they fail to qualify for the Champions League. It will also give them big problems in terms of new signings. The Europa League is not attractive enough for the players Dortmund would like, says Sebastian Kolsberger and adds:

– If they fail to qualify for the Champions League, Dortmund will need at least two years to recover. It will really be a nightmare for them, and something no one could have foreseen.

Dortmund boss Hans-Joachim Watzke does not look so dark on the scenario where they do not qualify for the Champions League.

– Regardless of what happens this or next season, we do not need to apply for a loan, or make any sales to ease the economy. We are not under any pressure, says the Dortmund boss to DAZN.

Watch Manchester City – Borussia Dortmund on TV 2 Sport 1 and Sumo from 20.00 on Tuesday!

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