Organized by Corinthians demonstrates against possible ‘kitty’

In the last few days, the possibility of developing a “kitty” has grown for Corinthians fans to help the club pay their debts for Neo Química Arena. Members of Gaviões da Fiel and the Corinthian board of directors debated the theme and promised new meetings to address the issue, which will not have the support of another organized organization, Camisa 12.

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In a note released on Monday afternoon, the fans’ board denied that he was involved in the campaign and denied the speech of the former player and presenter Neto, that Shirt 12 would be in the negotiations and negotiations of this “kitty”. According to the text, there are other ways to help the club.

One of the alternatives to help, according to Camisa 12, is the payment of the debt that the fans have with Timão. In addition, the note says the club can find other ways to generate revenue from its huge crowd.

Check out the full note released by Shirt 12:

“In the last few days, the story of the faithful making a” kitty “to help the club solve their debts has been taking shape, both among the fans and in the press, including the presenter Neto stating, mistakenly, that we would participate in that is not true.

That is why we came to inform you that Camisa 12 does not intend to be part of this movement and we explain.

We understand that a large part of this debt was generated by fuzzy management with very poorly explained expenses and with the consent of directors who did not charge as they should.

Corinthians, with more than 30 million fans around the world, can work and use its brand much better in order to raise more on several fronts.

The current management has been more willing to catch up with the club’s finances, but it is still at the beginning and needs many other actions.

Finally, we reinforce that we are not neglecting to help the club, we encourage our members to join the club, we pay our tickets both in Itaquera and abroad, we consume Corinthians both in shirts, social networks and the press. We have already negotiated a way to pay our debts with the club to reduce this deficit.

Camisa 12 will always be at the side of the Joker, as this motto runs through our veins.

Management Board 2021/2023 ”

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