Sport supporter says he will not remove art

Sport supporter says he will not remove art
Sport supporter says he will not remove art
The resignation of Jair Ventura from the command of Sport, made official this morning, left many people curious to know the feeling of Victor Alvim, a supporter of the Pernambuco club who tattooed the coach’s face on his leg recently.

The 27-year-old bartender was approached by Sports and did not hesitate when talking about the drawing, which was done at the beginning of the year to honor him for his work – the technician arrived at the club in August and managed to avoid the relegation of the team to the Serie B of the Brasileirão.

Everyone wants to know: what about the future of tattooing?

“The tattoo will be engraved for the moment. It is in respect of everything that was done in 2020”, said Alvim, rejecting any thought of removing the art.

Sport fanatic, he said he still did not like the decision made by the board of his team of heart and justified his thinking with a request to the current president Milton Bivar.

“I did not agree with the resignation, because we are 4 days from an election. Milton, do not hire anyone now, wait for the election, be democratic and respect the club’s statute,” he said.

Alvim also revealed that he knew that the art on his skin would resonate to the point that Jair became aware of the drawing, but confessed surprised that the coach had sent a message with thanks to him. Today, he renewed his praise for the coach, who is now without a club.

“For Jair, the feeling is just of gratitude. May he be happy wherever he goes, that he can get home to enjoy his family and that he will soon go back to work, because he is a dedicated and very intelligent guy. Only gratitude to him and his team.”

Who should replace Jair?

Although he did not want a new commander at the club until the election was decided, the bartender cited two names when asked about a preferred successor for the position.

“It is difficult to quote because of the election and the market is very complicated, but if I had a choice, it would be Lisca (América-MG) or Antônio Mohamed ‘El Turco’ (Monterrey)”, he concluded.

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