Barcelona beat Valladolid and take the lead in Spanish

Barcelona beat Valladolid and take the lead in Spanish
Barcelona beat Valladolid and take the lead in Spanish
At the Camp Nou, Barcelona beat Valladolid 1-0 and joined Atletico Madrid, leader of the Spanish league. The goal that gave the victory to the Catalan club came out in the last minutes, with Dembélé. Honored for becoming the game record holder with the Catalan team’s shirt, Messi went blank.

The result takes Barcelona to 65 points, one less than Atletico Madrid. Next Saturday (10), the Catalan team faces the classic against Real Madrid, away from home, at 16h, in a direct confrontation. Valladolid, who have 27 points, will take Granada on Sunday (11th) at 1:30 pm.

In a first half of few chances and possession of Barça, Valladolid had a great opportunity in the 8th minute, with Kodro, who headed in the crossbar. Even though he was missing, coach Sergio Gonzáles organized his counterattacks well, pressing the ball out of the home team.

The Catalans’ best chance was with Pedri from outside the area. He finished low, Masip even touched the ball and it touched capriciously on the post. The goalkeeper had to be quick to get up and away the danger once and for all.

At the beginning of the second half, Olaza appeared as a surprise element in the attack and narrowly put Valladolid at an advantage. He invaded the area at speed and kicked in, but sent the net outside.

The answer was with Dembélé, who received a great pass in depth from Messi, finished strong, and goalkeeper Masip smashed it. On the rebound, Griezmann sent out.

Jordi Alba also wasted it. At the first opportunity, the Spaniard was fired from the left side but preferred to give the pass instead of submitting, and was blocked. Then it stopped in the hands of Massip, after receiving from Messi in depth and hitting close to the bottom line. The goalkeeper closed the angle, and he sent it outside.

As Valladolid tried to react in the match, the referee expelled Óscar Plano after Dembélé’s foul. The punishment generated a lot of complaints from the athletes and the coaching staff – Masip was punished with a yellow card and one of the assistants was also expelled.

With one man less, Valladolid held on as best it could, and saw Trincão almost break through the back of the defense when he kicked hard on the left end. Moriba appeared free on the second post and headed in the net from the outside.

The resistance lasted until 44 minutes, when De Jong crossed from the right, Araújo deflected his head and Dembélé appeared completely free on the second post to finish strong and at the bottom of the net.

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