Lisca talks about Ademir’s return after a deal with Palmeiras to cool: “Integrated into the group”

On Sunday, striker Ademir was listed again by coach Lisca at América-MG. The player was very close to leaving the club towards Palmeiras and stayed a few games away from the lawns. The coach of Coelhão talked about the situation of the athlete after the defeat to Atlético-MG.

“Ademir is part of the group. He has the possibility of leaving, but he never let his guard down in training. The decision that he did not play was much more mine than his, but it was difficult to communicate that. I assume my fault, but thanks to God everything went well “.

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Lisca took the opportunity to remember what happened in Campina Grande, when América faced Thirteen for the Brazil Cup and the striker did not even go to the bank due to negotiations with Verdão. The coach took the blame and classified the situation as a misunderstanding.

“He never left our group. He was always integrated, except in that episode in Campina Grande, where there was a series of misunderstandings. I already took responsibility for that. I lacked a little experience, because it was a decisive game. , so you make the decision whether the player acts or not is a little complicated. Ademir ended up being a little exposed, and I assume that responsibility ”.

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As for a possible exit from the athlete after everything that happened, the coach sees it naturally, and does not rule out that this may still happen.

“If he is to be negotiated, if the amount the club is demanding is reached, we are also prepared. This is commonplace in our profession, especially as a player who stood out a lot last year.


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