Alex sets as a goal to develop players for Crespo

Alex sets as a goal to develop players for Crespo
Alex sets as a goal to develop players for Crespo
Alex was introduced, this afternoon (5), as coach of the under-20 team of São Paulo. The ex-player praised the technical coordinator of the club, Muricy Ramalho, on his arrival, reinforced that his objective in the base divisions is to develop athletes for the team led by Hernán Crespo and said why he opted for the position, even with offers to work in the professional football.

“I played for 20 years and then I looked for preparation outside to try to fit what I had experience. In recent years, I discussed a lot about how to start, if I would go to a main team, to the base … I talked a lot people, managers of some clubs, we sat down with São Paulo, Muricy and Biasotto, and the idea came together. There was a good relationship, the ideas clashed. So we reached a consensus and today I am here. maybe my biggest discussion was this until the time came for the choice at São Paulo “, explained the new technician são-paulo, who also spoke about his goal at the club:

“My idea is to develop the player, train the player, I will not teach anyone how to play football. The under-20 player of a big club, like São Paulo, already has a defined contractual situation. I can help you to have a little more accelerated development. The question of being successful as a coach is debatable, because for some it is winning and for others it is developing athletes. My job at the moment is development. I know there are a lot of people behind me who are in this situation for a long time. My thoughts today are on the development of athletes. If the boy is there, in a category like São Paulo, I have to help him in the best way “, he commented.

“The idea is to use the concept of São Paulo, a club of wealth of huge players. We know how São Paulo played during history, we know the players who played here. When we talk about fluidity, a team that comes to mind is the São Paulo. There will be no shock or confrontation, I want to develop players capable of understanding everything that Crespo and his commission ask for. The idea is Brazilian football, which São Paulo has as its essence, players with courage “, he added.

Alex also pointed out the importance of Muricy Ramalho in his agreement with São Paulo. The technical coordinator was instrumental in the conversations for the arrival of the coach.

“I visited Cotia a month ago, when I came to talk to Muricy and Biasotto. I ended up watching a Crespo training. Then, I went to Cotia and saw that there is a training center, a spectacular structure. The structure of São Paulo is spectacular “.

Check out other excerpts from Alex’s press conference on arrival at Tricolor São Paulo:

Pandemic difficulty: “Not only the under-20 boys, but if we look down, all of them and all of us are losing a lot with the pandemic. We have to be very creative to try to face it. We look at the tactics, the technical part and little talk about the human being, the personal issue. The pandemic has shown this, many people have had problems in their homes and in their families. Any club will have problems, whether in the first team or with the boys. talk to Biasotto and Muricy, we talk a lot about it. It is not a privilege of the boys who play in the under-20s. This is affecting everyone “.

Foreign harassment of young people: “We are a training market. My job as an under-20 coach is to offer players prepared for the team when Crespo needs it. On the foreign market, it is a problem for the president and the board”.

New challenge: “It’s different, because I had a very different last week. I lived a very peaceful day in the past seven, eight years, living next to my family. I sat on a technical committee with seven, eight members, a lot of pressure, many I’ve been preparing since I left, in 2014, step by step, without any hurry. From tomorrow, I’ll be at the club for 24 hours to get what I need. Playing is what I’ve been doing since I was born. As a coach , I will have to play and learn, but very calm and happy, with the knowledge that I can develop this in the best possible way “.

Training as a technician: “Yes, I wanted and would take it out last year to follow the training of some players, but the pandemic arose, which prevented me from having this opportunity. I played football for a long time, I exchanged many ideas on a daily basis. I was always one very curious person, a lot of conversation in my groups. When I stopped, I took a management course and realized that it was not for me. The ESPN invitation appeared and I could see your side, how do you prepare for the game, how watch the week the week of players. I went to get the licenses required in Brazil by CBF. Now I’m going to the field to practice. On top of that, it was my training “.

Crespo will repeat: “Crespo has just arrived and so have I. My job is to help develop the boys and deliver them to Crespo in the main team. I hope he develops well and does well in competitions, because I am part of it today, but not I have no worries here in front “.

Choice by basic divisions: “I can draw the parallel with Rogério [Ceni] and several others. Each one makes his own way. I talked to a lot of people, presidents, some managers, and the conversation that came closest to what I think was the situation in São Paulo. Each has its own trajectory, its own path. I believe that the choice I made for São Paulo is a good path as a coach “.

Time as under-20 coach: “I haven’t set time and I’m not worried about that either. My concern is to try to understand as soon as possible how things work. We have to let these boys have the ability for the boys to know how to pay. I’ve been in this since I was a child and I am only concerned with my work and the issues that arise “.

Coach reference: “I could mention several, but there is a situation that is what we want and what needs to be done. I am going to give my first training this week, the first thing I want to do is to find the São Paulo scenario. boys who have an absurd quality, but who haven’t played since January. We have a long time waiting for the game. I have to understand this need. To execute ideas, I need my players, I need to understand if the players need to do it. the main thing, at the moment, regardless of naming names or not, is to know if we’ll have someone to use.

Psychology in football: “It was 30 years ago, imagine today. I remember my arrival in São Paulo well. For a year and a half, I was beaten every day. Either I had the mental capacity to support it or I wouldn’t be here. discussion on the topic. There is no ideal discussion time for the time related to this, but it already exists. There are psychology professionals inside who already know this team. It is a conversation that we will do every day. It is impossible to dissociate the mental part of the human being. You will need the help of someone, obviously. Within football, it is no different. The idea is that, on a daily basis, we can pass the understanding closer to the ideal. What we have to remember it is always that, if the boy is 18, 19 years old, he has a whole life behind him. We will try to get into this and help them to understand the difficulty that arises. In that sense, we will try to help them “.

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