Band commentator praises Atltico ev Amrica in front of Cruzeiro

The journalist Elia Junior said that Atlantic e Amrica are the two best teams of Minas Gerais. After the confrontation between the teams this Sunday, the commentator pointed out that ‘football moment’ and put the cruise below the rivals of the mining capital.

“It was a very cool and interesting match. Not only between Atltico and America, but between the two best soccer teams in Minas Gerais. fact. ‘Ah, but the history of Cruzeiro’ … It exists, recognized, but what is worth in football is the moment, and the moment of Amrica is much better than that of Cruzeiro. So, the two best teams in Minas Gerais football are Atltico and Amrica ”, said Elia, at Band Sports.

Galo beat Coelho 3-1 in the game valid for the seventh round of the Mineiro Championship. The commentator talked about Cuca and Lisca and analyzed the similarities in the coaches’ game model.“There are two coaches who have very interesting views and game models. I even think they have very similar game models. Cuca has a propositional model to achieve the result. From the moment he conquers, he has the ability to train his team to be reactive and automatically play on the counterattack. Lisca is also a guy who likes to propose the game, but he understands the size of America and, more than that, the importance of knowing how to play for the result. ”

With the victory in the classic, the Atlantic leader reached 18 points and was three ahead of America, second in the competition. Alvinegro returns to the field on Wednesday, at 16h, against Pouso Alegre. On Thursday, at 5:30 pm, Coelho plays against Patrocinense.


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