Corinthians analyzes the ‘kitty’ of fans to pay for the stadium. Shame – Prism

Corinthians analyzes the ‘kitty’ of fans to pay for the stadium. Shame – Prism
Corinthians analyzes the ‘kitty’ of fans to pay for the stadium. Shame – Prism

São Paulo Brazil

The board loves to spread the word.

In the accounts of Parque São Jorge, there are 30 million Corinthians fans scattered across the country.

Only Flamengo has more fans.

And, in the most recent meeting of President Duílio Monteiro Alves with the heads of his organized supporters, last Thursday, he received the proposal.

The president of Gaviões da Fiel, Rodrigo Gonzalez Tapia, proposed a way for the club to end the debt it has maintained since 2010 with Caixa Econômica Federal. And pay for your stadium.

Even with Hypera Pharma being responsible for R $ 300 million of this debt, there would still be R $ 270 million remaining.

And Rodrigo guarantees that there is a way for this amount to be paid.

With the fans’ money.

He wants the authorization of Corinthians to make a ‘virtual kitty’.

Their faith is that the 30 million fans will collaborate.

The bill would be basic.

It would be enough for each of the fans to give R $ 9.00.

9 times 30 million is equal to 270 million.

The head of the organized crowd warns that the money will go directly to the account that Corinthians recommends.

It’s not even organized.

The Corinthians board not only studied the proposal.

Which is already vexing.

But she indicates that she is willing to accept a way for the fan’s money to reach the Corinthians coffers.

“I appreciate the fans’ offer to help the club out of this difficult financial situation. We will even have a meeting with Gaviões in this regard.”

“In the next few days we will discuss the different ideas and present a plan,” replied the club’s marketing superintendent, José Colagrossi, officially.

Shameful posture.

The club must take responsibility for its financial life.

Brazil is plunged into the pandemic.

In a survey released in February, 12.8% of Brazilians started to live on less than R $ 246 per month (R $ 8.20 per day), an extreme poverty line calculated by FGV Social.

In total, there are almost 27 million people, more than the population of Australia.

Countless Brazilians struggle to have something to eat.

Meanwhile, the Corinthians board wants its fans to pay for incompetence, greed, amateurism to accept a hasty contract with Caixa Econômica Federal.

Andrés Sanchez, the ex-president, but still with great influence at Corinthians, said that the “Corinthians fan would pay, like pride, for his stadium”.

It was supposed to be with the box office money.

Even before the pandemic it was clear that it was not.

Now, the board is studying donations.

‘Vaquinha’ organized by the organized crowd.

It gets to be indecent.

Ask for fan money.

The club disclosed in its balance sheet ten days ago.

Your debts are scary.

They rise to R $ 1 billion.

They are R $ 957 million.

The club still doesn’t know how to pay it.

Could it be that José Colagrossi’s plan is to raise the kitty?

One of the biggest clubs in the world is on display.

It goes through historical shame.

When thinking about passing on your debts to the crowd.

The proposal should have been rejected on the spot.

The meeting with the organized fans, to discuss his financial life, is already shameful.

Is this the modernity promised by Duílio Monteiro Alves?

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