if you reach the goal and the fans pay the Arena, the Faithful Supporter will have the right to vote!

@ronald.graff 04/05/2021 s 15:55

If you see the polls here, I’m afraid of the crowd that votes for the emotion …

The same opponents of the club are the ones that sell themselves for any position or vacancy for the son in the sub23.

@ luiz.fernando.balest April 5, 2021 s 15:52

@ volta.carile April 5, 2121 s 15:26

@dmaior 04/05/2021 s 15:25


The cow cannot pay the Arena, today it is unaffordable, because it is under the financing of Caixa Econômica Federal and only this one has the Arena as guarantee. The day you pay it, it will be pledged the next day and you can even go to the AUCTION to pay the creditors, as was the case with Fazendinha, in Parque São Jorge. What can be done is to reduce the debt, to pay less.

The crowd is delirious, we have almost 400 lawsuits, if you settle it, it belongs to Corinthians, then it goes to auction and so you lose everything to pay for the shares.

Andr 5 posts

@ andre.chaves2 04/05/2021 s 15:17

Good idea! In addition to raising funds to pay for the arena, it would also leverage adherence to the loyal supporter! It would be too much!

@lisca April 5, 2121 s 15:12

Without compensation, you don’t have to give 1 cent … Loyal Supporter must have the right to vote

@carrfam 04/05/2021 s 15:10

Compensation will be: add the money of honest people to the pocket of criminals, the arena will not be paid, the money will disappear as the last cow and 2500 members continued to choose the next thieves to rob the club,

@ antonio.laecio.de.so 04/05/2021 s 15:07

All of us fans should have the right to vote.

@adriano.marson 04/05/2021 s 15:04

It won’t happen. You can end the topic.

@dirdgd 04/05/2021 s 14:47


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