Will you help the kitty that aims to settle Neo Qumica Arena’s debts?

Elpidio 2 posts

@ elpidio.dos.santos.1 04/05/2021 s 15:40

If it’s the way they’re talking, money will go straight to the cashier, and a screen showing in real time how much is being paid, for sure, especially because the crowd that has a club. We are different from everything and everyone

@william.abrante 04/05/2021 s 15:37

There are people who say it would not help because of the board (wtf?) The money would go directly to the personal cashier, it has nothing to do with the board, so I would definitely help.

Sb Macedo's profile photo

Sb 1 post

@ sebastiao.macedo.sil 04/05/2021 s 15:36

If it goes straight to the cashier I will help, now if it goes to the board I will not give a cent …

Carlos Alberto Carmo Lima's profile photo

Carlos 2 posts

@ carlos.alberto.carmo 04/05/2021 s 15:34

Guys, we can’t help the club, because the club, even in difficulties, only deals with millions, and its debts are always negotiated and people like us and ours?

Help to pass a cloth, without punishing, the cause of this situation!

R R1910's profile photo

R 8 posts

@r.r1910 04/05/2021 s 15:33

P be honest (something that is lacking in this board) I believe that the role of the fan (when able) to support, buy official products of the club, be in the stands, understand all the identity and history that the Club has … this type of thing. Paying the club bill, debt, lawsuits, this is what the fan is already doing with what I said above, having to do a little kitty to try to help in something that was premeditated, if only to make this bunch of thieves rich. This is complicated to get into my head.

Jos's profile photo

If 4 posts

@jose.roberto62 you 04/05/2021 s 15:32

It would help for sure!

One more of these actions by the fans, would need to be accompanied with a transparent gesture in all areas of the club, and a firm collection from the fans for this transparency to happen! Why else would the money the club would use for the parcels of the arena be used to hire other Jonathan cafus and everaldos!

(I’m not talking about the money raised by the fans, but what the club would use for the arena’s debt)

Cl's profile photo

Cludio 37 posts

@ claudio.rand.isso.ri 04/05/2021 s 15:30

If you contribute you will mask all the hoaxes since the construction of the stadium.

be conniving with everything that has been done and go to help everyone who made deviations.

R R1910's profile photo

R 8 posts

@r.r1910 04/05/2021 s 15:28

Corinthian supporter fucked, without a job, in a broken country, bankrupt economy in the middle of a health chaos t fzd bill and gathering money to pay for the stadium … Corinthians director millionaire filling his pocket with money, breaking the Club in every way, it was an administration that was stupid, incompetent and corrupt, finding it thanks to this mobilization of the fans. all these guys really wanted, see if there are any of these parasites donating pocket money (OS CARAS SO RICOS!) to save the Corinthians sheet. Supporter has to stop being crazy kkkkkkk

Alexandre Dos Santos's profile photo

Alexandre 3 posts

@ alexandre.dos.sant21 April 5, 2121 s 15:24

Yes, but there has to be transparency in the conduct of everything!

R R1910's profile photo

R 8 posts

@r.r1910 04/05/2021 s 15:22

Continue to agree with this corrupt board and its stupidity that we will continue with Cafus, Manuel, Everaldo, and so many others that the fan knows they are too weak to play in Coringo.


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