Jon Jones responds to Blachowicz’s ‘trash talk’ and provokes: ‘How about building a legacy?’

Jon Jones responds to Blachowicz’s ‘trash talk’ and provokes: ‘How about building a legacy?’
Jon Jones responds to Blachowicz’s ‘trash talk’ and provokes: ‘How about building a legacy?’

While one of the most successful fighters in MMA history, Jon Jones also has a collection of opponents throughout his career in the sport. Recently, ‘Bones’ discussed publicly with Chael Sonnen, Daniel Cormier, Dana White, Israel Adesanya and, it seems, Jan Blachowicz also joined his blacklist. The reason is simple, since the Polish usually provokes the athlete through social networks.

Through the same platform, Jones answered Blachowicz’s trash talk, bragged about his MMA feats and advised his rival. As much as the pair does not exchange offenses, the friction between the athletes is clear. The animosity surrounding the fighters began in 2020, when the Pole knocked out Corey Anderson and approached to dispute the light heavyweight belt (93 kg). At the time, ‘Bones’ showed excitement for the possible fight, but decided to venture into heavyweight and abdicated the title.

In the fight to define the new light heavyweight champion, Blachowicz knocked out Dominick Reyes and took advantage of the belt win to challenge Jones again. Upon learning of the Pole’s attacks, ‘Bones’ explained that his focus is not on the old category. As he changed his level in the sport by overcoming Israel Adesanya in the 2021 season, the European sought a duel against the American and accused him of being afraid. Without patience, the ex-king of the division scoffed at his rival and indicated that he strives to create a fantasy setting.

“Blachowicz, how about you build your own legacy without talking nonsense about me? Fight, win 10 world titles and then you can show off as an incredible fighter, someone I ran away from or just another option for you. I was so afraid of Blachowicz, that I went after Ngannou and Miocic, legendary Polish stories, ”wrote the former light heavyweight king on his official Twitter account.

Despite the positioning, Jon Jones’ moment in the UFC is not good and his future in the organization is uncertain. After announcing that he would move up to heavyweight, ‘Bones’ focused on his preparation and, visibly, his body underwent changes. Thus, the fighter’s return to the light heavyweights, a category he dominated, is not viable. With this scenario, to remain in the current division and face Francis Ngannou for the title, the American will have to accept the amount that Dana White is willing to pay or convince the top hat to value his pass.


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