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Last Saturday, in Vasco 4-2 on Bangu, Tiago Reis made the famous professional for the first time “hat-trick”, an English term used to refer to three goals in a single match. In fact, Alvirrubro brings luck to the 21-year-old. Of the 10 goals scored since he went up, five were against the West Side club. The good performance, in Tiago’s view, has reasons in particular: the repetition in the submissions and the positioning.

– It was too good, I’m a hard worker. If you ask anyone in the club, you will say that I am working, whether in the gym or in the field doing finishing. Every day I ask to make submissions, I love scoring goals. Thank God came out my “hat-trick”. We play video games and stay in this review (laughs). Let it be the first “hat-trick” of many.

1 of 2 Tiago Reis, author of three goals, in action during Vasco 4×2 Bangu – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco da Gama

Tiago Reis, author of three goals, in action during Vasco 4×2 Bangu – Photo: Rafael Ribeiro / Vasco da Gama

Of the three goals, one came from the penalty kick he missed, another headed and the last shot from Cayo Tenório’s first cross. Tiago chooses the third as his favorite.

– What Tenório rolled back. We had combined this ball. I said: “Gee, bro, I’m alone behind, give me a goal that will come out”. And it ended up leaving, I took it from the goalkeeper and everything went well. I think that’s what I said before: it’s the positioning I have. If you position yourself well, it will put an end to any defenders. Everyone was waiting for a ball to be lifted in the box, and I had agreed with it.

Check out the full chat with the top scorer from last Saturday, who has 10 goals in 48 games as Vasco professional:

Cheerleader was picking on him. You start 2019 flying, but then you don’t keep the level. In 2020, there are fewer opportunities. When you lose the penalty there against Bangu, you see that you did not hit well but scored on the rebound, did you feel a sense of relief?

– As for that, I am calm. When things were good, I kept working, it didn’t go to my head. That goal scent I have was missing. Sometimes the ball scrapes the post. I kick well, cross, and the ball scrapes the post. As I said, the gate opened (laughs). There the ball always remains for the attacker and, thank God, everything went well.

Since last year, they say that Vasco needs a reserve for Cano. Do you really need it or are you still that guy from the São Paulo Cup and can you handle it? And who knows, you might even fight for shirt 9 one day?

– I’ve been working for this, I have confidence in the work I do, I think the group also has confidence in me, everyone knows about my potential. I’m here to help Vasco with whatever he needs, entering the games or being a starter. I’m going to look for victories, and this year will bring a lot of joy to Vascão. Come on, let’s go.

In 2021, what do you think is good for improvement and what do you see as your weaknesses?

– I think I have a lot of positioning in the area. My goal scent sometimes has to do with my positioning. I focus a lot on the right place and at the right time to score goals. My weak point can be the aerial ball, sometimes fighting with defenders, who are usually a little taller than me.

– But it is something that I am agreeing with our defenders, to make the diagonal when they slice the ball. I’m adapting. Thank God everything is going well, our team is doing well, and yesterday (Saturday) was proof of that.

At the beginning of the season, you were unable to score goals, and the crowd came on top. Did you ever fear a possible exit, did the club discuss a possible loan with you at some point? Did you ever think about the end of a cycle?

– I am very grateful to Vasco for everything they have done for me since 2018, when I arrived at the base. In no time, did I ask to leave, bow my head, or frown. I always worked, I always tried my best, and they gave me confidence. At no time did they call me to say anything, they always supported me to work. Things were going to happen at the right time, thank goodness they happened. Our team will always seek victory together, it is a closed squad. Everyone runs for each other and, thank God, everything is going well.

What are your dreams, goals and objectives for 2021 with Vasco?

– My dream is to make an excellent Serie B, take Vasco back to Serie A, which is the most important. And on that journey be one of the top scorers. I have a sense of goal, I am a born finisher. My dream is to go up with Vasco and be one of the highlights with the team. The most important thing is to return to the elite, that’s why we are going to fight. God willing, we’ll be champions. And next to that the Copa do Brasil, which is a very good investment. We will give life in these two championships.

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