Seven requirements that the Faithful should make in case of a kitty due to debts – Blog do Perrone

Seven requirements that the Faithful should make in case of a kitty due to debts – Blog do Perrone
Seven requirements that the Faithful should make in case of a kitty due to debts – Blog do Perrone

Last Thursday (1st), members of Gaviões da Fiel discussed with the Corinthians board the possibility of creating a kitty for fans to help pay the club’s debt, among other matters. In the opinion of this blogger, it will not be fair if Fiel is summoned to help cover the damage done by the incompetence of repeated administrations. The debt is R $ 956.9 million, not including the debt for the construction of the stadium.

The crowd was not heard before the club signed Luan, Araos, Ramiro, Davó, Everaldo, Richard, Jonathan Cafu and Sornoza, among others. So, it doesn’t make sense for her to help pay the bill.

However, if the project gets off the ground, potential donors should demand compensation, since no one puts money into the club without compensation and / or guarantee. Below are suggestions from the request blog that fans should make to embrace an eventual donation campaign.

1 – Document signed by the board in which it undertakes to use the money only to pay debts. The debts to be paid must be detailed. In case of non-payment, the amounts must be returned.

2 – Accountability published on the Corinthians website.

3 – Before the donation is made, the Deliberative Council must approve a statutory amendment that gives the voting partner the right to vote.

4 – Inclusion in the bylaws, before donations begin, of an article that prohibits the club from taking loans from businessmen. Failure to do so would give rise to the impeachment process.

5 – Creation of an article in the bylaws defining that all hiring of club employees must be done through a selection process created by a specialized company. They will not be able to apply for vacant relatives and people who have or have had a professional relationship with directors, advisors, employees and sponsors of Corinthians.

6 – Change in the bylaws that define that only professional directors hired by selection process can act in the base categories. Counselors and members would be prohibited from even attending the department and integrating delegations on trips.

7 – New article in the statute that renders the club ineligible for a period to be defined, all members of a board that increases Corinthians’ debt, unless the black-and-white is reimbursed by them. These officers would also lose the right to vote on the board and for the president, in addition to not being able to hold any office for the duration of the punishment.

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