Disagree with NRK commentator about Glimt: – Appears disrespectful

NRK commentator Jan Petter Saltvedt thinks Bodø / Glimt’s 39 days on the Costa del Sol in Spain are “petty”. It has created debate.

STRONG PEN: NRK commentator Jan Petter Saltvedt writes that Bodø / Glimt comes home to Norway without shame and sympathy after training camp in Spain. Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB

5. apr. 2021 10:01

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«Series champion Bodø / Glimt rose above all travel advice and went to Spain to train and play matches. One and a half months later, they are on their way home – without shame, sympathy and their star striker (Kasper Junker) », the NRK profile starts its comment, where the northerners get the slippery slope.

He uses the words “petty” and “simple” about Bodø / Glimt.

«Bodø / Glimt’s trip to Spain has shown such an elevated self-image in the way the club is run, that it has amazed many. It’s a small and simple way to grow big. And it does not suit the impressive heritage that Northern Norway’s football lighthouse carries with it », writes Jan Petter Saltvedt.

The background is that last year’s league champion has been at training camp in Spain for over a month.

– There is a lot that could have been said about the comment to NRK-Saltvedt, as his perspectives and opinions obviously lack knowledge and insight into the processes and assessments that the club has made, says Frode Thomassen, general manager of Glimt, to VG.

– It would have been interesting if Thomassen instead told us more about the perspectives he believes the club has in this context, often set up against the travel advice of the national health authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Saltvedt says.

– It is obvious that Saltvedt is not able to understand that we conduct top sports. We are also a company with over 70 employees. In order to be able to do top sports, and compete, you have to train, Thomassen answers back (see the full answer in the fact box):

Infection rules have meant that a number of elite league teams, especially in Eastern Norway, have not been able to train as usual in Norway for extended periods.

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TV 2’s Per Angell Berntsen is among those who have reacted to Saltvedt’s comment on Twitter. To VG, he says that he reacts to what he describes as a “moral crucifixion of Glimt”.

– I have great respect for Saltvedt and his opinions. And he probably knows this better than me who comes from an unfurnished home in northern Norway. But when you attack people’s morals, I take it for granted that you know what you are talking about. Then he at least has a more fine-tuned moral compass than me, Berntsen says to VG and continues:

– Personally, I have great respect for the professionals in Glimt. And I think it is disrespectful of NRK’s ​​commentator to attack them the way he does.

– To say that everyone in Glimt has an elevated self-image, I think is to put them in a booth they do not deserve to be in. I recommend him to have a chat with Ulrik Saltnes (captain), then we can see if he means it same about the values ​​of the athletes in Glimt afterwards.

Jan Petter Saltvedt responds to Berntsen’s statements as follows:

– Per Angell is a guy I have all the respect for. But talking about furnished homes and where you come from has nothing to do with the case. I had said the same thing about the other 15 teams as well. It is not disrespectful to point out that a club has distanced itself from something that should have been a community in football.

– The players are completely innocent here. It’s not about them. It is the management that has made these choices, Saltvedt continues.

– Saltvedt is now frantically trying to talk himself out of judging a bunch of people as moral and ethical cripples. That’s what I react to. A good journalistic exercise is to put on the glasses of those you criticize. Here it appears that Saltvedt has taken on the monocles of Pope Francis, and judges honest people with an ethical standard that I really admire that he himself possesses, Berntsen answers.

Trond Schjølberg is an expert on Avisa Nordland’s football broadcasts on TV. He dislikes Saltvedt’s comment:

– Petty. You may agree or disagree with what Glimt has done, but the way he talks about it … It feels like he has something against Glimt. There will be a lot of thinking here, says Schjølberg.

– Why?

– Saltvedt appears as NRK’s ​​spearhead in sports. Then even greater demands are made. What is the motive behind writing something like that, asks Schjølberg, who has a background as a coach in the Bodø / Glimt system and who has been a coach in the Toppserieklubbene Grand and Trondheims-Ørn.

– This is of course not about Bodø / Glimt. It is a pure attempt to divert what is actually the case. The whole of Football Norway is annoyed by what Glimt has done. They have to endure to hear that, says Saltvedt.

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