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– There will be nothing left in the spring, no. It’s not something I stress about. It is unfortunately the case that there is not all the world to adapt to medical school in Oslo. I do not have time to study medicine fully, says Fossesholm to NRK.

– Can be difficult

The cross-country national team’s great talent was also taken out on the national team in mountain biking this winter. She will cultivate her second great passion in the spring months. The plan is, among other things, two World Cup competitions in the period up to 17 May, although the corona situation makes things uncertain.

However, the big highlights on that schedule come in July and August. Then it’s the European Championships and the World Cup, national team manager in mountain biking Eddy Knudsen Storsæter has informed NRK.

RELEASE GOLD: At Helene Marie Fossesholm, here with Tiril Udnes Weng, Heidi Weng and Therese Johaug after the gold was secured.
Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

– The goal is to have her there, yes. At least I think it would have been great to have her in the World Cup and a level that is cool for her to test herself on. She must not drive both, he said in February. Today he says that it will be an overall assessment.

Fossesholm itself becomes a little insecure when NRK asks about the World Cup in mountain biking.

– It can be difficult, she says.

– I will sit down with my dad and Ole Morten (national team cross-country coach). We will make a rough plan, but one we intend to follow so that there will be neither birds nor fish. We want one of the parts, says the 19-year-old.

Clear prioritization

She is aware that the first priority in the Olympic season is to be maximally prepared for the cross-country national team’s height gatherings. The Games in Beijing run at an altitude of around 1800 meters. If the plans are implemented before the start of the season, it means one altitude stay for the summer and two for the autumn.

Fossesholm is also concerned that she should adapt the training after those stays. In other words, do not be too tired of training before she leaves and take things in stride when she gets home.

– When I come to those gatherings should have full focus and be ready so that it will be good. When I come home, it’s not about “driving on”. Those collections come first. Then of course I have to ride a bike too. But it is mostly before the summer. I’m not going to train myself to death to get both.

– It is important for me this year that I am fully charged for altitude gatherings and get as much experience and days there as possible. You have to do that if I am to perform in the Olympics.

– Can be one thing for Helene to think about

NATIONAL TEAM COACH: Ole Morten Iversen, here during the World Cup in Oberstdorf earlier this season.
Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

For national team coach in cross-country skiing, Ole Morten Iversen, it is almost like music to his ears. He thinks Fossesholm’s cycling focus is good.

– But when she stops doing that, there is full focus on cross-country skiing and skiing. If it is a cross-country gathering, it is clear that she does not cycle rides out in Central Europe.

He believes the student has learned a lot from his first year on the elite team. His most important input to both Fossesholm and his father when they make plans for the 2021/2022 season is that it is allowed not to be in shape all the time.

– That we may have to do things differently. My argument is that cross country skiing is so tough in season. The best are careful not to be in too good shape for the start of the season. If you are going to be with an entire World Cup season, we must have a lot to go on. We can not empty the tank too soon.

– It can be one thing for Helene to think about. To get a form curve more adapted to the cross-country season than she has needed so far, says Iversen, who is quick to point out that Fossesholm has had a very stable season anyway.

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