SBT is convicted after using “wizard” and “psychic” to solve crime

SBT is convicted after using “wizard” and “psychic” to solve crime
SBT is convicted after using “wizard” and “psychic” to solve crime
The São Paulo Court of Justice ordered SBT to pay R $ 50,000 in compensation to the mother of a young woman murdered in 2008 by Leandro Basílio Rodrigues, known as the “Guarulhos Maniac”.

Six years after the crime, in September 2014, the program “Domingo Legal”, presented by Celso Portiolli, exhibited a painting called “Os Paranormais”.

The reality show aimed to point out the best paranormal in the country, submitting candidates _wizards, tarologists, mediums and psychics_ to challenges such as getting the name of the personality whose photo was in an envelope, pointing out where a certain person was hiding and revealing details of someone’s life.

The last piece of evidence involved the young woman’s murder.

In the search for a prize of R $ 50 thousand in gold bars, the participants were taken to the scene of the crime. With the photo of the young woman in hand, they had to “feel” and reveal details of the murder, describing the victim’s last moments.

During the program, won by the wizard Edu Scarfon, Portiolli used phrases like “have fun watching” and “you will have fun”.
In the lawsuit filed against SBT, the mother of the young woman stated that the broadcaster transformed the brutal murder of the young woman into play and entertainment in order to obtain an audience and profit. “There was a violation of the deceased’s memory,” lawyer Fabricio Raposo, who represents the family, told the court.

The lawyer points out in the lawsuit that the broadcaster did not have authorization from the family to display the photo of the young woman, much less in the “disrespectful and avacalada” way as the case was handled.

When defending itself in the process, SBT said that, even though the victim’s image was used in a visionary contest, it was still “journalistic material of public interest”.

He also said that the girl’s mother was unable to prove that her dignity was affected by the program. “As a matter of fact, her dignity had already been shattered when she learned of her daughter’s brutal death!”, Lawyer Marcelo Migliori, who represents the SBT, told the court.

The Court of Justice did not accept the argument. Judge Theodureto Camargo, rapporteur of the case, said that the reality show had no journalistic nature and that the broadcaster needed authorization to display the image and the name of the victim. “The program created a gymkhana for seers to solve the crime.”

Appeal to the decision.

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