Luiz Adriano’s ex, Russian model engages dating with Bolsonaro supportive businessman

Ekaterina Dorozhko, who was already married to the Palmeiras player Luiz Adriano, is in a new relationship. The 23-year-old Russian model is dating the Brazilian billionaire Ygor Alessandro de Moura, owner of a network of hair removal clinics.

The two assumed the romance in posts on social networks and, in Portuguese, the model declared herself for the beloved. “I love you,” he wrote.

Ygor also gained visibility, last year, for being the owner of the jet used by the senator Flávio Bolsonaro and the minister Ricardo Salles, in a displacement between Fernando de Noronha and São Paulo. Ygor has already appeared in photos with President Jair Bolsonaro, and also with Xuxa, one of its partners.

Ekaterina, who on social media shows moments of her routine and also of work, is in a season in Russia. When she interacts with them, she already mentioned her boyfriend. She said she was “in love” after a fan asked if she was “heartbroken”.

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