Sasha says Atltico ‘has an obligation to win’ classic against Cruzeiro

Sasha says Atltico ‘has an obligation to win’ classic against Cruzeiro
Sasha says Atltico ‘has an obligation to win’ classic against Cruzeiro

After more than a year, Atlantic e cruise I will face again this Sunday, at 16h, for the ninth round of the Mineiro Championship. Although the two teams played in the middle of the week, the classic is already a topic among players, the press and fans. This Monday, the striker Eduardo Sasha affirmed that the team alvinegro ‘has obligation to beat ‘the archrival.

The 29-year-old hesitated when asked if Atltico was the favorite for the game. However, he listed reasons that indicate the best black moment in relation to the opponent, who is going through a political, financial and sports crisis.

“Classic is difficult to put a favorite, but our cast is, yes, qualified. The investment is being made, a project. So, we have, because we are wearing this shirt, the obligation to win. And we will work hard for this, without a doubt. It’s only 14, 15 days talking about classic. We have to be prepared for that. That next week we can be here celebrating and speaking well about our team, ”he said.

Next weekend’s game could be Sasha’s first classic against Cruzeiro. The striker was hired by Atltico in August 2020; the last duel between Galo and Raposa was in March last year, with a 2 to 1 win for Alvinegra.The player cited the anxiety to face the celestial team, but stressed that the Atlantic still has a commitment before. At 4 pm this Wednesday, the ball rolls for the game against Pouso Alegre, in Mineiro, for the eighth round of the Mineiro Championship.

“Anxiety and expectation to play a classic (against Cruzeiro) for the first time. We know the importance, a lot is worth, a part game. So, we have to prepare in the best possible way to enter and seek to impose the game, just as we have been doing. Of course there is the game in the middle of the week, we can not forget, but classic classic. So, we are going to work well during the week to arrive on Sunday and leave with the victory ”, completed Sasha.

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