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Erling Braut Haaland’s body language reveals frustration and disappointment. While the father travels around and sells his son for the world’s biggest clubs, it is as if the 20-year-old most wants to throw up.

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Manchester City – Borussia Dortmund, TV Sport 1 Tuesday at 21.00

WORDS NECESSARILY TELL not the truth, but body language rarely lies. As for the latter, Erling Braut Haaland is more than honest. He lives with the truth in the middle of his face and can not hide disappointments.

When he does not deliver as desired and planned, it is as if the world is collapsing.

You saw that in three international matches for Norway, and you saw that again against Frankfurt on Easter evening.

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BEFORE THE NATIONAL TEAM MEETING, AFTER two goals in the 2-2 match against Cologne, Erling Braut Haaland threw his suit to an opponent and went into the locker room with smoke seeping out of his ear. The one point he had saved was two too few.

The match had been weak and extremely frustrating for Borussia Dortmund, and the equalizer in overtime did not help the mood.

The way he handled the disappointment, he has apologized for.

SINCE IT HAS Brauten did not score goals in four games, three of them for Norway. The downturn that was difficult to digest towards Cologne has turned into total constipation. It started against Gibraltar, continued against Turkey, and after that he has not really been himself.

What was difficult to digest against Cologne has turned into a kind of mental constipation.

THAT IT’S TROUBLING The 20-year-old is as certain that night follows day. You look at him. Grimaces are cut when the touches do not sit, the passes do not hit the intended friend or the endings do not go to goal. That’s how he is Brauten, all balls should preferably be in goal and all matches should be won.

That’s why he’s so good.

That’s why he’s so coveted.

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OFF THE COURSE IS dad Alf Inge and agent Mino Raiola on a courtship trip to the world’s largest and most sought after football clubs. It is, of course, about the future from the summer of 2021. In football, it is the case that some things cannot be stopped even if a contract says otherwise.

Erling Braut Haaland’s success is one such thing.

BORUSSIA DORTMUNDS TABLE POSITION will definitely be used as an argument when what we saw the beginning of at Easter will float to the surface as a matter of fact over the next few months.

The world’s most sought after young footballer, the top scorer in the Champions League, cannot stay in a club that does not qualify for the ultimate club tournament.

Nevertheless, it is not Borussia’s weak season that will send Brauten on to the summer.

It is the demand created by the performance.

WHERE DOES IT END is a matter of offers and requirements.

1) What will Borussia have to release the star tip one year before the buyout clause takes effect?

2) What should Erling Braut Haaland have in salary for moving to Spain or England?

Not to mention 3) what should the support staff of two have in agent fees to bless a transfer to Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United or maybe Liverpool or Manchester City?

There is not just one number that must match significant demands in these negotiations.

There are three.

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A LIE HAS according to Winston Churchill tends to travel around half the globe before the truth gets on his pants. That’s how it will be in this case as well.

When Erling Braut Haaland signs for one of the big names, it will be the club he has had in mind all the way. Just like Borussia Dortmund was when he signed for them almost a year and a half ago, even though Ole Gunnar Solskjær had flown to Salzburg a couple of weeks before to talk to the boy.

That’s the way the industry is.

Football will always have its own truth.

LUCKILY IT WILL have the exceptions as well, like Dag-Eilev Fagermo. When he was presented as Vålerenga coach a month after Brauten had signed for Borussia Dortmund, he had of course been the club’s first choice all the way.

It was as if no one else had been asked.

It was as if VIF director Erik Espeseth’s skepticism had been completely absent, and as if Kjetil Knutsen, Lars Bohinen and Jørgen Isnes did not exist.

Fagermo, on the other hand, who wanted Vålerenga more than anyone, opened the presentation by thanking all those who had said no.

Although honesty does not necessarily last long, brutal honesty will always carry with it respect.


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