CBLOL 2021: Vorax runs over RED and will play in the final against paiN

Vorax confirmed its favoritism in CBLOL 2021 and advanced to the final against paiN Gaming. The team won RED Canids without much difficulty in the semifinal of the tournament. The decision will take place on April 18.

Vorax opened the series with an overwhelming victory over the pack. Krastyel gave a show with his Azir and Matsukaze, who was the highlight of the match, was very well positioned with his Miss Fortune.

The second game looked like it would be more balanced, but it was only when the mid game arrived that Vorax showed full power. The team scored good fights, and again with a fantastic performance by Matsukaze, closed the match on 26 minutes, getting to a victory of the classification.

In the third match RED reacted, and this time it was TitaN that shone. Playing Xayah, he led the pack in what would be their only win in the series. The game ended in the 30th minute with a 16-5 kill score in favor of RED.

In the fourth and final game, Vorax only needed 24 minutes to close the series and guarantee their place in the final. This time the highlight was Yampi and his Graves, who finished 6/0/7.

You can check the complete coverage of CBLOL 2021 here at Mais Esports.


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