BOLA – Braga, Benfica and Sporting in action, to follow from 6:30 pm (A BOLA TV)

BOLA – Braga, Benfica and Sporting in action, to follow from 6:30 pm (A BOLA TV)
BOLA – Braga, Benfica and Sporting in action, to follow from 6:30 pm (A BOLA TV)

This Sunday you can see on your A BOLA TV (channel 13 from Meo and 31 from Vodafone) …

Braga, Benfica and Sporting in action, to follow (from 6:30 pm)

Benfica¸ Sporting, and also Braga, who is, incidentally, the first, only today come into action on this 25th day of the First League, and can follow much of what is happening in the BOLA TV information spaces.

To start, A BOLA DAS 7, which airs from 6:30 pm, with journalist Pedro Marques Maia moderating the analysis of journalist Luís Mateus and professor Jorge Castelo; Benfica-Marítimo is projected to be played at Estádio da Luz (starts at 7 pm), and follows what is being prepared at Farense-SC Braga (which starts at 6:45 pm, in São Luís, in Faro).

Finally, the game of the night will be analyzed in detail, with the leader Sporting visiting Moreirense (starting at 9 pm), a lion who has completely dominated the League, without yet knowing the flavor of the defeat.

When ten minutes to nine in the evening (8.50 pm) A BOLA EXTRA arrives, with the analysis and comments of journalist André Pipa, to make all the aftermath of Benfica-Marítimo, which will be ending by that hour, and go DIRECT the press conferences that the coaches will give at Estádio da Luz, and point to the last of Moreirense-Sporting, which kicks off precisely at nine in the evening.

At 10 pm, check out THE BALL OF THE NIGHT, the privileged space for information, with a view to the entire day 25 of the First Football League, in which, of course, the entire analysis of the games already played on this 25th day will be made, and will close with the aftermath to Moreirense-Sporting, which should end at 10:50 pm.

The comments on this BALL OF THE NIGHT will also be the responsibility of journalist André Pipa, who will be accompanied by the renowned coach Vítor Manuel (today, one of the great references of the television commentary on football) and the former player, as well as commentator Bola TV, Diogo Luís .

F1 BACKGROUNDS to accompany (20h25) the «circus» inside

In this week’s episode of F1 BACKGROUND, we observe the atmosphere inside the Mercedes, which won the first race of the season, in Bahrain, through world champion Lewis Hamilton; we also traced the profile of the new Williams technical director, François-Xavier Demaison, from Volkswagen Motorsport; and we evaluated the promising young people at the Alpine Academy. And, going back to the beginning, we analyze in depth everything that happened at the Bahrain Grand Prix, and reveal the latest news from the fascinating world of Formula 1, which has, as the followers of Bola TV know, a very special place on the grid of the our channel.

POKER fans to their seats from 00:25

Top professionals, exotic locations and a huge ‘golden pot’ transform POKER, WORLD BET (from the World Poker Tour) into a program that is an addictive television show, and which has a regular presence on the BOLA TV grid, by the many fans it has in our country one of the most popular card games in the world.

This week’s episode arrives at 12:25 am, just after the latest news of the day on REMATE FINAL.

See how anyone can enter the exciting game tables, hoping, however, to encounter strong opponents and many difficulties to secure a place at the final table. POKER, WORLD BET, is really a favorite for fans. To not lose!

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