FC Porto looking for another 12 million euros

FC Porto looking for another 12 million euros
FC Porto looking for another 12 million euros

The value already collected – more than 73 million euros – is added to the market pool, related to television rights.

FC Porto has the possibility to guarantee another 12 million euros in the 2020/21 edition of the Champions League, to put the cake above 85, should they drop Chelsea in the quarter-finals.

After eliminating Juventus, and Cristiano Ronaldo, in the round of 16, the dragons started to count 73.542 million euros, approaching the value achieved in the previous presence, in the 2018/19 season (78.44).

That amount is already secure, but FC Porto now has another 12 million at its mercy, the prize for the team that is superior in Seville – stage of the two games of the “quarters” (April 7 and 13), due to the pandemic of covid-19 – and reach the semi-finals.

The millions do not end there, as there are still 15 more for the finalists, with the winner, the successor of Bayern, to be entitled to three extra, so the dragons can surpass the 100, if they repeat the titles of 1986/87 and 2003/04.

In addition to the amount collected, there is also that of the market pool, related to television rights. UEFA will distribute a total of 292 million euros to the 32 clubs, depending on the proportional value of the countries, and with Benfica’s “help”, FC Porto will receive 100% of Portugal in 2020/21.

Before starting participation, the Porto team already had almost 42 million in their pockets, more precisely 41,842, 15,25 as a fixed amount for their presence in the group stage and 26,592 for the ninth place, among those present, in the UEFA ranking for 10 years. .

Among the 32 teams that reached the group stage, the dragons only lost to Real Madrid (maximum value, 35.465 million euros), Bayern, Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus, Manchester United and Paris Saint-Germain.

In the “bottom”, the Hungarians of Ferencváros still collected a portion (1.108 million euros).

FC Porto started above 41 million euros and accounted for more than 21 in the group stage, due to the results achieved and qualification for the round of 16.

The four victories, two against Olympiacos and two against Marseille, were worth € 10.8 million (four times 2.7), the tie, against Manchester City, plus 0.9, while the qualification gave the dragons 9.5 M €.

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