Pre-classic week: Conceio says he copes well with pressure in Cruzeiro

Pre-classic week: Conceio says he copes well with pressure in Cruzeiro
Pre-classic week: Conceio says he copes well with pressure in Cruzeiro

While football and the results of the cruise do not fully meet the expectations of the fans, the coach Felipe Conceio knows that having to live with at no cargo. Against him is still the fact that the process of evolution of the game system is slow. Nothing that takes away the commander’s confidence in the job that has Srie A. access as its main goal

After winning 1-0 over Boa Esporte, in Varginha, for the seventh round of the Mineiro Championship, Conceio stressed that the pressure is part of the package to take on a club of Cruzeiro’s greatness.

“I face it with tranquility. Even in this context, because Cruzeiro is a big club, then the pressure has been around for a long time at the time of the club. And we are handling it well and have been playing a good role. what we pass on to athletes: have peace of mind, have time to work, to grow, as we demonstrate yet another growth in relation to the previous departure. Thank God we are evolving with each game ”, he commented.

According to the 41 years, his tranquility in the football gesture comes from the responses shown on the field by the team. “We handle this kind of pressure well, regardless of age. And athletes, even better. Just watch the first half of the game (against Boa). The team, calm, worked the ball, attacked the opponent, created several situations. The only sine that I could even score more goals, but that even comes naturally with time ”.

Performance and results

Eight games played in the 2021 season, Cruzeiro have three victories, three draws and two defeats, with six goals pre and four against. The use of 45.83%.

Felipe Conceio is convinced that at the beginning of Series B, in May, the team will be on another level and present consistent results. “The result is important, of course. But we always stay with the performance, because the consequence will be the result. If you do not perform, the result will come sporadically. If you build a solid, regular performance, that positive result tends to be regular. this is what we are looking for and we are going to reach that level ”.

We are growing in many ways. I noticed that the previous match was better than Amrica’s, this match against Boa was better than the previous one. You will suffer from a situation in a 100-minute game, against an opponent who is also running there for the victory, that is natural. It is logical that we want to control the game for 100 minutes, but at some point the opponent will arrive, it will bother us. Today, we showed off even at that. When the opponent pressed, we knew how to deal with it ”, he added.

Pr-classic week

Before the classic against the Atlantic, scheduled for Sunday, 16h, in Mineiro, considered the great test of the year, Cruzeiro to face the Coimbra on Wednesday, at 5:30 pm, at Independência.

Against the team of Contagem, the Fox does not count on the defender Manoel, suspended. The substitute must be the young person Weverton, 18, recently promoted from the base. On the left side, it is up to Felipe Conceio to choose between Alan Ruschel, free of suspension, and Matheus Pereira, holder before Boa.

In other positions, the coach is unlikely to make radical changes. “We are in a second phase. I already explained that. The first phase was experimentation, putting the athletes to play, understanding the level of each one within the group. Now it is a phase of greater consistency in the ranking and the individual growth is also natural for athletes, because they are understanding, they are feeling more and more confident in what we are implementing. They are feeling lighter compared to what they are automating. This is all the process that we talk about ”.

Cruzeiro ended Mineiro’s seventh round in the quarta Posio, with 11 points, behind Atlantic (18), Amrica (15) e Happy landing (11, and better goal difference).

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