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Minas reached the Superliga final with an impressive campaign. With only one defeat during the entire qualifying round, he had the status of a favorite. But the opponent was choked with a cruel history of the season, in addition to a painful defeat in the last decision of the championship. Praia Clube had the motivation. In the series in three games, held in the bubble formed by the CBV in the CT of Saquarema, all the same: 1 to 1. The third and decisive game, which will give the title to one of the two teams, will be played on Monday, at 21h, with live broadcast from SporTV2.

+ X-ray of the current season with opinions and comparisons
+ Find out all the details of the final between Minas and Praia Clube

Praia Clube won game 1 with an impressive presentation, but Minas responded in number 2 with the quality presented in the qualifying phase. It was four months without losing in the Super League. The only defeat – until the beginning of the final series – had been against Osasco, on November 27. Since then, the Belo Horizonte team had won 21 straight games.

Until the decision, Minas had won in all games of the season against Praia Clube. The team from the capital won the two matches of the classification phase, by 3 sets to 0 and 3 sets to 1. The teams also made the final of the Copa Brasil. On the occasion, Minas’ new triumph, by 3 sets to 1, guaranteeing the title of the competition. Praia Clube, in turn, has the necessary stimulation in retrospect to assert its good moment.

2 of 2 Thaisa, from Minas, tries to attack against Praia Clube’s block in game 1 of the Superliga final – Photo: Wander Roberto / Inovafoto / CBV

Thaisa, from Minas, tries to attack against the blockade of Praia Clube in game 1 of the Superliga final – Photo: Wander Roberto / Inovafoto / CBV

Praia Clube did not give Minas a chance, even making a set without errors. He entered the court with a very well defined strategy: he weighed his hand in the serve, making it difficult for the team from the capital and the full speed of their attack. It became easier to block, when not to counterattack. Minas still won a partial, but the Uberlândia team had the game in hand.

+ Praia uses strategy when serving, wins Minas and gets an advantage

Best moments from Minas 1 x 3 Praia Clube for the Women’s Superliga final

Praia Clube returned to game 2 as if it were still in 1. Olympic champion Fernanda Garay went to serve and put 8-0 on the scoreboard. A strong sequence that scared Minas. The Uberlândia team won the set, but the Pri Daroit tip initiated a reaction in the capital’s team and changed the history of the match. Everything is the same in the final Superliga series.

+ Minas leaves behind, but wins Praia and forces the third and final game

The Best Moments in Minas 3 x 1 Praia Clube for the 2nd game of the Women's Superliga Final

The Best Moments in Minas 3 x 1 Praia Clube for the 2nd game of the Women’s Superliga Final

Teams have Superliga title

Minas and Praia Clube made the last Superliga final, in the 2018/2019 season – in 2020, the competition was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. On the occasion, led by Gabi, Natália and Macris, Minas won and won the title by beating the rival. Praia, however, reaches the third final followed by Superliga – the fourth in total. The Uberlândia team was champion in the 2017/2018 season by beating Sesc-RJ on the occasion. Fernanda Garay was already the big name of that team, alongside the two-time Olympic champion Fabiana.

But are you looking forward to one more?

– I think that in the first game we printed a withdrawal rhythm, a withdrawal speed that made it very difficult for Minas to receive, who plays with speed. We studied and were prepared for the second game, but we knew it was a super difficult game. So, we have the third game, we already knew that we would have to win twice and we are going to this game with all the motivation of the first – said the Olympic champion Walewska, central of Praia Clube.

– We know that we played a lot below in the first game, and Praia played a very good game, they managed to score us in practically everything. I, in particular, know that I played a lot below. But it was, it passed. So, it was a forward game, it was thinking about what we could do best and I think the team is to be congratulated. We played game 2 really like our team plays. Everyone together, everyone helping each other. There were moments of difficulty and we knew how to leave as a team, all together. We have to keep that footprint in game 3 – explained the tip of the Minas Pri Daroit.

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