Wolff says Red Bull must be quick on circuits they were not in F1 before

In recent years, Bahrain has proven to be one of Mercedes’ strongest circuits. However, this season, Red Bull was stronger, despite not winning the race. They were four tenths quickest in qualifying and had the same speed during the race. Toto Wolff, therefore, expects Mercedes to have a difficult challenge against Red Bull this year.

“Bahrain has never really been the strongest race for Red Bull and they were never really quick at the start of the season. The last weekend is proof that those expectations are no longer the case in 2021, ”said Wolff in a conversation with Formula 1. com. Circuits where Red Bull is usually strong, like Monaco, will be even better for Max Verstappen’s team.

“I have no doubt that it will be extremely difficult to beat them. They are the team that is leading at the moment, ”acknowledged Wolff. Even so, Mercedes won the opening race of the 2021 season, but according to the team leader, this year will not be like the first race. “The racing gods were on our side this time and that’s why we won,” he said.

“It was a combination of good strategy, a strong car and also a bit of luck in the final stages of the race.” The biggest area for improvement according to the German team boss is clear after the first race. “We were four tenths behind them in qualifying and that is a big difference. It will be difficult to compensate for that ”, concluded Wolff.


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