cuts in payroll and low-cost reinforcements

cuts in payroll and low-cost reinforcements
cuts in payroll and low-cost reinforcements

Leader of the reds, in line with Rui Costa, Soares Oliveira and Jorge Jesus, points to a drastic reduction in costs, both in terms of hiring and also in terms of wages.

The planning of the next season is underway in the offices of Seixal and Luz and, although the final lines of the 2021/22 draft cannot yet be traced, it has already been assumed internally that the new season will necessarily have to be containment of expenditure at all levels. Luís Filipe Vieira, with the agreement of the executive director, Domingos Soares Oliveira, the vice president for football, Rui Costa, and the coach, Jorge Jesus, determined that, after a historic investment last season – there were more than 100 million euros, although diluted, in a large part, in the long term -, now it is not advisable and it does not seem possible that SAD will be able to risk a new attack of this dimension to the market.

On the contrary, according to O GOGO, the lines of the immediate future point to a restructuring of the squad in which the tightening of the belt will prevail. The hiring of 20 (or more) million of the current season will not be repeated, and the investment in less expensive reinforcements is foreseen, both in the amount of the transfer and in the salary they will receive. At SAD it is believed that it is possible to have greater criteria in the choice and that the bet, not exclusive, in the national market can be complemented with the arrival of players from other championships but still without the media coverage that usually costs millions, adding to the inclusion in the squad of graduates in Seixal.

In parallel, a plan is also being drawn up to allow a cut in the wage bill, inflated at the beginning of the current season due to the bet placed on players with status, such as Vertonghen, Otamendi and Everton, or on young people with some projection, cases of Darwin and Waldschmidt, in addition to renovations of elements seen as pillars in the squad. This policy caused inflation in the wage volume, which the leaders now intend to mitigate. This objective will, in part, include the possibility of selling some footballers with a significant salary weight and with little space in the squad and the coming of reinforcements to earn less.

This is the path that the incarnated guardians plan to follow, but the largest number of holes in the belt will depend on external factors. There will be a cut, but its size will depend on the qualification for the next edition of the Champions League, which allows a slot to be around 40 million, the same that did not enter the start of the season due to the defeat with PAOK and which caused a kind of earthquake whose waves of reflection can still be felt in the red beads.

This will determine the amount to be collected from asset sales, and this need exists anyway, but it will influence the size of the hole that will have to be plugged, if funds are around 50 million or more. In the same sense, and with the transfer market retracted, SAD will be more dependent on the proposals that arrive, to the point of also influencing whether or not some of the heavyweights of the current squad will enter the exit route or not.

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